IchBinNeu.de Starts With An Online-demo Version

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The only Internet portal in Germany, at present only new products, brands and services, introduces online under. No other platform offers as extensive interactions with a new product such as IchBinNeu.de the consumers only buy makes the product experience intense, say the creators of the portal? After only four clicks, consumers will find exactly the product novelty, they are looking for. A clearly structured page layout and the clear division of the respective product categories over three levels and simple menu navigation with its innovative features that let consumers experience a new form of interactive online showcase tour. Info Scouts inform consumers via email about innovations in their favorite categories at your fingertips are source information, go to the store locator of the provider, they can request product samples, download product information or discovered new products in a folder of the memory store and recall at any time. IchBinNeu.de is the one with the home pages Linked provider telephone hotlines are communicated can, and in a closed email account consumers with the product managers, if they wish, enter into a dialogue. Various mechanisms trigger buying impulse and ensure a strong range information spreading. So consumers can easily create a cause-related wish list with new products and send this e-mail to friends, relatives and acquaintances, a mechanic with a multiplier effect. IchBinNeu.de provides the graphical templates for this wishlist.

Another feature is called: I must remember. Consumers can enter important dates like birthdays, anniversaries, etc. in a memo calendar and assign discovered new products there noted persons. A reminder indicates it in due time to the upcoming dates and the planned purchase Act! Internal and external search engine optimizations ensure that new products, brands and services be found immediately. From the 01.07.09 is IchBinNeu.de for the Consumers switched freely. Innovative companies use now the early bookers offer under and set new products, relaunch, Revivales, design and packaging changes and binding news there in the appropriate categories. There you will find also additional information on the market research, planned communication measures or even a presentation illustrated with short explanations. Contact for the press of Frank Rohrl Managing Director F & R society for the development of Internet portals of mbh Bredeneyer str. 2b 45133 Essen Tel. 0201-4517-245 fax. 0201-4517-465 email URL of demo-IchBinNeu.de

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