Joel Gonzalez

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By: Joel Gonzalez, one of the main causes of constipation is lack of hydration. You should take 6 to 8 glasses of purified water per day to promote a healthy bowel. Here are the best remedies home against constipation: 1) mix 230 ml of milk with 90 ml of juice from raisins in addition, a few drops of extract of liquorice that must be taken in the morning. ((2) Take on fasting a glass of water and stir in a tablespoon of olive oil and the juice of half a lemon 3) take juice of lemon mixed with warm water two or three times a day. (4) Take a liter of warm water and walk for a couple of minutes, this immediately after getting up in the morning. (5) Put 12 raisins big in a bowl, add milk and boil, then eat the raisins and drinking the milk at the end.

(6) The pears are very valuable in the treatment of constipation. Patients who suffer from chronic constipation should accept an exclusive diet of this fruit or juice from this for a few days, but usually, a PEAR of size medium after dinner or with breakfast you will have the desired effect. (7) Guava. When eaten with seeds help the normal evacuation of the bowels. We recommend two guavas a day.

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