Majestic China

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Incredible and interesting oriental country China attracts hundreds of years staring eyes of artists and scholars, archaeologists, biologists, government officials and ordinary tourists. The huge and diverse country has a long history, which was all that accompanies any ancient state – a lot of battles and conquests, discoveries and findings. Very interesting people inhabit this Asian country with the largest working and innovative potential. Anyone who goes to the capital of China – Beijing, once remarked how amazingly workable Chinese. They always move somewhere else, like bees in a huge beehive. Beijing may be quietly call the capital of a bike.

Ordinary people prefer this type of urban transport, so the roads of the city to create something amazing. Early on a sunny morning, when somewhere in the distant Moscow or Rostov had not yet meet a man on the street in Beijing the green areas and parks are actively involved in gymnastics ordinary Beijingers. Age framework does not exist – do everything from small to large. Slow motion and plastic body parts beautiful and graceful movements in deep positions immediately rise from the depths of the subconscious memories of frames from movies about Chinese kungfu masters. Present, a beautiful Beijing was a huge conglomeration of roads and interchanges. Big traffic flows moving in fast ground and suspended routes of the city. We got to the clouds of glass skyscrapers, leave a lasting impression and give the city a large modern greatness metropolis. Beijing has kept current, and another, more interesting for visitors to the country now.

A lot of ancient streets, which still stand little houses bizarre, with roofs of bright colors. Long Trade Moscow street like the old Arbat – completely filled with trade stalls and shops, where anyone can buy a piece of China. An interesting old dishes for every taste, souvenirs, textiles, jade statues, vases, old wooden and porcelain dolls and much more. Nearly every tourist buys a souvenir stalls in the local statue of the Buddha, in order to then return home to show off your journey his comrades and friends. Of particular value is a natural Chinese porcelain, which is known worldwide for its amazing quality and beauty of old times. The grandeur and beauty of China will not leave indifferent, who will visit here and be sure to put a man desire to ever return here again. Not for nothing, this country is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Asia.

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