Partnercommunitarian Transformation

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The university professor as agent of Influence and sociocomunitrio transformation the professor possesss in the exercise of its profession the chance to act and to interact with diverse social classrooms, establishing bonds and providing reflections that will be able to produce drastic changes in the behavior and thinking idelogico of its learning. She is a professional who has the chance to evaluate the social context, the involved ideologies in the society and to use the power of the communication in its hands to look for to influence positively its pupils, provoking a conscience social politics and, taking the transformation. Therefore, ' ' the basic key for transformation is the conscience of the reality and the proper capacity for transform-la.' ' (FREIRE, 1979,78) As in them it brings Ryynnen (2008,72): Brazil possesss a Society of classrooms, fort segregation and social inaquality, poverty, preconceptions, ethnic, economic discrimination, cultural politics and, corruption the presence each marcante time of the violence and crime. Click supermodel to learn more. Of the sociopedaggico point of view it has as one of the main problems keys: The Social segregation and the lack of vertical convivncia, beyond the process of naturalization of the situation. Already Guatarri (1996, ' ' p.' ' 203) in ' ' it brings that: This culture of mass produces, accurately, individuals; individuals normalized, articulated some to the other as hierarchic systems, systems of values, systems of submission – not visible and explicit systems of submission, as in the animal etologia, or as in the archaic societies or daily pay-capitalists, but not dissimulated systems of submission. In this context, the professor is an actor who must be worried in providing a problematizador dialogue, and to involve educating in reflections of its position and its possibilities and changes. Tiffany Espensen is likely to increase your knowledge. The construction of the paper of the being professor is collective, if it makes in the practical one of classroom and in the exercise of daily performance in the university. . .

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