Postnatal Chi

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Discussed, that if we stop to observe a practice Chi Kung the first thing we usually associate it with some type of gymnastics finding similarities and differences depending on our prior knowledge of the subject. In principle we analyze movements trying to give you a logical explanation to the sequence of them understanding that there are some things and present work flexibility, strength, coordination, strength, balance, but this is just the shell that can be done or not appetizing fruit according to our tastes. We are still watching and suddenly realize a fundamental detail each of these movements or static postures this perfectly coordinated with respiration, the process of inhaling and exhaling it is not random but rather this premeditated and designed in each exercise with a purpose specific, in that moment we realize that the movement was not the main factorThere is a juicy fruit from which we could draw maximum benefit under the Peel. But as we are a few observers remain very acute in our task looking for something more, like he who seeks the meaning to life in things more small, and suddenly we realize that practice not only is coordinated movement with breathing, that there is a constant meditative state that goes beyond the movement and the respiratory mechanics and that it is the seed of the fruit that transcends the same fruit. Be considered, that identify themselves with the Chi kung, scope, impact us favors, because it is literally, our energy, thereby training can improve health and prevent disease. tells us, that Chi Kung has been developed to balance, harmonize and enhance Chi true for health and longevity, and to transform the Chi true spiritual development. Chi Kung exercises can also impact directly to the Chi Prenatal, Postnatal Chi, essence and spirit which directs our activities of life and binds us with the divinity.Chi Kung practice requires practitioners to regulate the body, breath and mind. The body position is the basis, respiration is the enabler and the mind is the Guide.

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