Start Date Of ELStAM Was Moved Again

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Tax advisor Jurgen Dieter grainy informed the Ministry of finance expects a significant increase of efficiency and better service for the citizens from the introduction of electronic tax deduction card. Must now wait for it, because the introduction of the electronic tax deduction card is delayed again. Originally, these should come already from 2011 to the usage. It is now clear that the planned launch due to technical difficulties also cannot be met. What changes due to the delay, due to the tax advisor grainy Mannheim.

Tax deduction card 2010 continues to apply the new electronic procedure is intended to facilitate communication between employers, workers, tax authorities and registration authorities. Data relating to the registration office, forwarded in the future of the communities on the same day directly to the tax authorities. The necessary data is stored in the ELStAM database. After the occurrence of technical problems, this is not ralisierbar for the time being. Therefore, the income tax card remains 2010. If This is lost or already is been disposed the IRS issuing a replacement certificate. The employer may destroy 2010 tax card to the start of ELStAM. Only with the actual introduction of the new system, the Elimination of the tax deduction card 2010 be permitted.

Worker enters the transitional period 2012 his employer, he has to hand over the tax deduction card 2010 or the replacement certificate from the previous employer and to present the new employer. When the new procedure is used, is not clearly defined. According to the Federal Ministry of finance, it is scheduled to launch for the January 1, 2013.

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