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Teenagers And Alcohol

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Normally, we care about the consequences of drink only when occur tragedies of transit (that usually happen with young people), but we forget the consequences of drink often. Geoffrey Harger usually is spot on. Different teams of psychologists believe that teenagers drink primarily for three reasons: 1) finally derived from consumption. They seek to achieve a State of pleasant attitude or affability and, often, adolescents need to this effect in order to get a girl to be more sociable and quiet in the midst of friends. (2) the need to swallow to feel accepted by the Association. The response that is more usual to prove consumption: around the world baby! Convenient that they are in a phase of identification and search for identity, young people who identify with this whole seek to use the same tools that the group, the same language, etc.

Mistakenly, some parents tend to gather nearby with their son or daughter, because they imagine that this position can be controlled the child. But do this only will give their approval to the same. Children in adolescence, are not friends of the parents. The idea of the team of psychologists Barcelona (, is that the dialogue should be taken to handle and must be sufficient to monitor and advise situations that can complicate things. At first point, because parents think that these children are as good friends who have everything (which is not true). In second place, when young people think parents are now friends, the authority can be weakened in this process, because friends don’t give orders, only suggest and can be heard or not. (3) Take a leak. Taking can cause an annexation to escape from the crisis of the community, where his intervention is practically nil, although they can not do absence and may not even be heard. Crisis between the parents, which usually pushes young people to be anchored in the Group of friends having fun to forget the crisis with drink.