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Collective Thinking

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What is the crowd? Adhered to the crowd, people become more primitive and focused on action rather than reflection. After all, the crowd can have only simple, but strong feelings: fear, elation, anxiety, joy. Crowd constantly rushes to extremes: from fear – to revel, from the panic – to the victorious 'Hurrah'. Sitting in the lab, the scientist is thinking calmly and soberly, but it's worth it to get into the vortex of the universal exchange of hysteria as he begins play recklessly. Elements of the crowd can take you anywhere: in a crowded brokerage firm, and in the office before the quotation screen. Allowing others to influence your game decisions, you lose the chance of success. In military service cohesion necessary for the survival of the unit.

In the civil service people, joining a union may hold, even working in a slipshod manner. But at the stock exchange no union will not protect you. The crowd exceed you and number, and force. Whether you're even a genius, you its not-argue. You have to either join it or become an independent loner. Many speculators wonder: why they'll barely losing position, the market, as luck would have unfolds? The fact that members of the Exchange crowds fear of the same.

And therefore are equally and simultaneously. Where else to go the market when selling subside fever? Of course, up. For the players returning spirit optimism, and they were hungry, they go into a new 'purchasing binge. " The crowd is primitive, and therefore should not excel in exchange tactics.

Web Beginners

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