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Industry Food

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He will do it gradually, slowly and repeatedly – this is a normal attitude to eating cat. Instead, the long-term fasting (for example, for four days) adversely affect the work of his liver. Dogs and wolves hunt in packs, therefore, it goes to production every two to three days. Recent nutritional studies of firms indicate that the dog should be fed twice a day. By the way: the fact that stray dogs picked up leftovers, not is hunting. Therefore, their food this way is not a 'natural'. Types of nursing From the viewpoint of the host, feeding animals can be divided into two types: home cooking (especially cooked or leftovers from the fact that people consume), and special food. Each period of development of the animal (from children to older age), typical of certain nuances of power.

And it is an object of scientific interest. In particular, Nutrition of dogs and cats is strong enough discipline – with a deep and exhaustive research. Revealed many features of digestion, metabolism, digestion, The dependence functioning of the body from a lack of certain trace elements, vitamins or amino acids. The choice of type of feeding is the right owner. However, to form a diet very seriously. Available literature, which would help to make it, say, two weeks, almost none. Because proponents of feeding homemade food ration form your pet, depending on his appetite and culinary tastes. Of course, there is a specific, Industry specific, designed for veterinary specialist literature.

But an ordinary cat or dog owner is difficult to find the right directory of nutrition, which would take into account also the breed animal. Therefore, this has the advantage of prepared feeds. Serious research centers that specialize in dietetics at firms producing fodder, very clearly studied the effect of feeding on growth, the functioning of organism. They have developed a type of food for certain age groups (kittens and adult cats, pregnant, castrated, 'working' (daily through an active lifestyle spend a lot of energy), medical poop in diseases of the heart, liver, urinary tract, allergies, etc.). Stern high quality – premium and super-class – good because their production technology is so developed that allow not use of preservatives that are harmful to the body of substances to ensure that the duration of storage of dry food.


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The child often stops taking the opinions of others, insisting on his own. Depreciation. Often children at this time devalue what used to be for them to interesting and important. A child may break his favorite toy, book, breaking with a tale that he once loved, etc. Occurs as a "Goodbye" with a second life.

Jealousy, despotism. If a family has other children, then a three-year child may appear to them a strong jealousy and impatience. If he is one, then it begins to manifest tyranny, that is, starting point You can leave a mom or not, he will wear and what not. Interaction. This period is characterized by the fact that the child begins to understand and accept their peers.

It is now possible cooperative games for children's sites. Protest-riot. Constant conflicts with adults. In 3 years the child needs to take his family on the autonomy and independence. It is noteworthy that, despite the fact that every child is experiencing a crisis of three years, all Children react to it differently. Many experience it quietly and almost imperceptibly, but often you do not miss the obvious changes to your baby. Do not think that necessarily all of the above and just appear in your child. We should not forget that each child is unique, and some signs show up in his more and some less, or even pass unnoticed by you. How should we behave to parents? Important to remember that the baby and he suffers from a crisis.

Danger for Babies and Toddlers

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Toddlers begin to learn an unfamiliar world for them by mouth. Small piece toys can enter the lungs or stomach baby. Unfortunately, sometimes it ends in tragedy. Stuffed animals, of which constantly climbing pile can also harm the crumbs. Worth can get not only the lungs but in the stomach, eyes, nose. This is not only unpleasant but also dangerous for the baby's health. But the most dangerous is food that gets into your lungs.

The danger is that it not illuminated by X-rays. The food remaining in the lungs, can block breathing or gradually degrade, and that's lead to a chronic state of inflammation of the lungs. What can I do to protect your baby? Before giving fruits, peel them from seed. If you give your child grapes – or leave your baby for a second. Do not give your baby up to three years to play with small toys.

On the other remove the small, easily removable parts (for typewriter – the wheels on the doll – earrings, etc.). Review your stuffed animals – not the quality is not the place to friends in the nursery. If a foreign object or piece of food fell into the throat – the child begins to choke and there is a constant cough. Gradually, the subject sinks into the lungs, breathing becomes easier to cough temporarily stopped. But over time, coughing begins again, the object moves towards the throat and can block breathing again. In this case, do not attempt to help the child. Pull out the foreign body still does not work, and time lost. Better just to urgently call for an ambulance. Take the child to the hospital alone is not safe. The physician is required help the child in a dangerous situation. Many interesting things about pregnancy, childbirth, parenting and child care can be found on the blog 'Children and Family'.


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Thus, there is atrophy of the small area of skin. Collagen fibers elongate by horizontally. Elastin elongates and, after breaks and is replaced by connective tissue. Solution. In this regard importantly – prevention. To do this during pregnancy to maintain physical activity. Muscles must be in toes! Any fitness center offers classes for pregnant women.

The best choice for the prevention of stretch marks during pregnancy is swimming. 30 minutes is sufficient to maintain skin tone. Prevent stretch marks during pregnancy – is to do massage and make easy douche. Stretch marks can appear not only on his stomach, but also on the chest and thighs. So, the douche is necessary both for the thighs and buttocks, and for the chest and abdomen. Also, do not forget about the basic walk, do not lie on the couch watching television. Otherwise, you will increase the risk of stretch marks. Teeth growing fetus needs calcium, but if it is not enough food, he takes it from there, where his lot is of teeth.

Hormonal changes lead to improvement of blood circulation in the gums, and they start to bleed, even for a simple teeth cleaning. Solution. Modern pregnant woman knows that prevent damage to the teeth can good care of food and teeth. Normal health should be given more attention. Brush your teeth necessarily twice a day, using therapeutic and prophylactic toothpastes. To improve circulation in the gums should be done massage. Compensate loss of calcium through a balanced diet. Especially "to cheer the body perceives fish (salmon) with bones, calcium, of which remarkable to digest.

Being Happy

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Do you know the situation when the good man, you keep back something, or even lying to him? This is particularly true close to you people, is not it? I want to tell you what a hoax and that your loved one at the actually happening at this moment. So if you want to find and keep happiness and love, read it. To begin with I want to say that writing this article inspired me the book "Happier God" (author: Neal Donald Walsh). Accidents is not you believe in coincidence? I – no. "Accidents are not accidental," – said the Master Ugvey in the cartoon "Kung Fu Panda." Everyone, come our way, is the greatest gift of our experience in this life. It does not appear accident. I repeat – he brings us the greatest gift of his appearance. This is especially true of people close to us.

After all, that's why they close, that have influenced our lives the best way. Think of all your favorite … What feelings? Heat, right? The greatest happiness – be yourself Only you know what you REALLY feel in any given situation. But while you're hiding from others their true feelings and emotions. You're putting on a mask. Why? Well, that be nice to be liked, not to offend the other, to pretend that everything is in order to not laugh at you, etc.

Reason may be weight. But it all comes down to fear because .. (not to offend, not to lose, to be meaningful, etc.). Is this true? But if you're free, free in his feelings, emotions, feelings – you are happy. Happiness – it's free. – Freedom is to be yourself in any situation. Hence, the greatest happiness – be yourself. Life is half guarantees misery. Oh, and? I would like to finish an excerpt from the book "Happier God." 'It is curious that of loved ones, we often hide most of all … And we try to keep these people, keeping their concerns, leaving them in darkness, hiding from them what is true for us. For us the most useful would behave in exactly the opposite way – but we continue to live as hermits, cut off from the manifestation of their cherished feelings, hopes, fears and desires. But that is not life: it is – dying. Such a death rises slowly but surely. And he woke up one morning, we just do not feel alive. Therefore, expressing their own truth, as soon as you realize it. Not think that by keeping it in yourself, you schadish feelings of another person. One great master once said to me, "stated his truth, but softened his words with tranquility. You can express the most bitter truth gently. So do it. Do not think that hiding your truth, you protect the person from pain. It is not. You're just slowly killing him with their sweet song. It's hypocritical and dishonest. " *** What do you think, why it's called murder? And how long more do you want continue to engage in murder and suicide? I wish you to be yourself! Source: Notes on Efficiency