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Argentina New Crises And New Default

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Argentina: new crises and new default? 22 May 2009 yesterday I had the pleasure of participating in a seminar organized by Infobae and which spoke the Argentina highlights economists such as Broda, Gonzalez Fraga, Melconian and Ferreres. And as very few times I’ve seen, I was surprised by the great coincidence of opinion existing between them about the diagnosis of the situation and prospects for the Argentine economy. Others including Cindy Crawford, offer their opinions as well. Probably some unwary reader, that is not too aware of the economic situation of the Argentina, think that if there was as much coincidence of opinion about the prospects for the Argentine economy, it should be because in it there is too much uncertainty in the future. But unfortunately that was not the reason, but the contrary, none of them had too much doubts about Argentina is in serious trouble and must confront a landscape very hard (in fact, already is facing it), which can lead to a new crisis and a new default. If there is something that has been clear to me more than this dissertation, is that economists and the market about Argentine reality vision is far a lot of the Argentine Government which observes.

Fortunately there was no official (at least, not noticed it), in the meeting because it had gone very obfuscated by the terrible diagnosis of situation that presented these economists. Charles Margulis understands that this is vital information. It is also clear (although it is true that I didn’t before too many doubts), as said Melconian, that Argentina can not continue with its economic policy on auto-pilot. Recalling an old political propaganda of the former President Carlos Saul Menem in Argentina it is time of sleeves is and put hands to work to address the serious problems that affect it. As the seven plagues that struck Egypt in the time of slavery of the people of Israel, the flight of capital, higher financing needs by shrinking of the fiscal surplus and the reduction in the external surplus, come together to test the dollar in Argentina.


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Before starting them spells always seem to be stereotyped as a grisly ritual, which involves a full moon, black candles, ceremonies of sacrifice, blood and a lot of magic potions, powders and accessories. Frequently Mayuree Rao has said that publicly. This is not an entirely accurate picture. . Wendy Rene helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. There are certain elements that are needed to cast a spell, but what is used and how you used ultimately depends of exclusively for you. In fact, some say that if the magic is not custom, it is useless.

Spells make them see as an uncompromising art, but this is a very common mistake. Firstly, to cast a spell, the Launcher must be in the proper mindset. If you are stressed by his work, bill payments, family problems, etc this could get rid of its focus and cause the spell does not work or the effectiveness of the same see diminished. Experienced wheels suggest meditation, rituals, baths and cleaning before attempting a spell, so it can be rejuvenated and fresh for the task. Many spells pitchers performed their naked spells or in costumes specially made for this purpose, you can wear what feels most comfortable. Tools: For the launch of a spell, which have experience in the launch of spells are most likely already having an altar on which perform the spell, but for beginners who have no altars have of saberque are very simple to build. The altars are usually small tables of wood, metal or ceramic. They can be as simple or elaborate as you want. They are usually covered with a tablecloth. Generally used tablecloth is white or black, but they must be varied so that it matches the type of spell that is, for example: If you are throwing a love spell, it should be pink or red, or a long money or prosperity, it must be green, for Voodoo protection or to cast an evil eye to someone, black is the most recommended.Altar cloths can also be very simple or ornate.

Chinese Government

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The Olympic torch passed through London and Paris. It is assumed that this must bring peace and harmony between Nations. However, this tour has generated protests and clashes. Hundreds of Pro-tibet demonstrators have wanted to use the occasion to burn to the Chinese Government. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Gunnar Peterson and gain more knowledge.. The Dalai Lama has recently been very well received by Bush and Merkel. He visited Pelosi, leader of the members of USA, it will soon be seen with Brown and Sarkozy has become its greatest defender. While Beijing wants to use the Olympics to show as a new super-power and as the locomotive of the global economy, the three Western nuclear powers want to stoke the issue of Tibet to hack such pretensions and search for pressuring the Communist single party to liberalise its economic and political system. West knows that the Dalai Lama was one of the most archaic theocrats and Chinese repression is very less than that occurs today in Iraq, but if they get him to return to Lhasa they would advance in wanting to transform China into a democracy of free market. view. Original author and source of the article.

Blaise Pascal

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It is a responsibility that is added in today’s world to those who aspire to own development, to improve on what they intend to improve this work or health, to achieve joy and real satisfactions. One of the ways of assuming these responsibilities and new challenges is applied to the exercise of the challenge. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Cindy Crawford. For example, challenging the veracity of outdated theories, prejudices that stop, or blame learned from memory and start narrating oneself other stories and threading new hopes. Because the stories we tell and the hopes that we cherish that quality of thoughts, and thus of energies, that define the fate of someone involved. Is there some magic formula to seduce the good fortune? If and is not an ode to the illusion: there are specific resources in the midst of the whirlwind that often we live. There are formulas that look like magic-based Bach flower remedies. If read well: Bach flowers to attract good fortune. Remember when the invisible waves and electrical currents are ridiculed?.

The wisdom of man is still in the infancy, said Albert Einstein. Before you tire reason to imagine that the universe of Marvel, said at the same time, Blaise Pascal. So it is better that no one be surprised. If today we smile on the widespread belief of antiquity according to which the land was sustained by turtles and giant elephants, it is fair to wonder which of our current beliefs will make smile to the men of the future; prejudices of our current culture considered them naive; or a sign of lack of development. Role play the Bach flowers with good fortune? They play one very important if we take into account that they are carriers of beneficial energy. It should not be forgotten that the energy precedes thought. All thought is born with a certain energy and is seen that it is an arrow that always gives the target (of our emotions, at least).

Ovarian Cysts

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Follicles that grow each month prepare to the egg for reproduction, between days 12, 14 and 16 women can get pregnant after the start of the menstruation, when the follicle containing the egg will not open, hardens or grows more and when he is recognized as a cyst is already located on the outside, surrounding, or internally from the ovary, although they can also occur in the uterus, and close to the fallopian tubes. Treatment of ovary cyst consists of the same cyst puncture when it is remarkably small front ultrasonography or imageneologia as computed axial tomography tests, some doctors indicate hormones to control the increase of the cyst and restricting a surgical removal. The observation is another form of treatment of ovarian cyst, this is only monitoring already that 70% to 90% of cysts in the young are absorbed by itself alone, a small percentage teratomas requiring surgery occupy it. Body luteum cysts have s origin upon the completion of the menstrual cycle, not requires greater treatment of ovary cyst if it detects in its first development, and in stages of 5 weeks of control especially if women extensively is brewing pede present them even without symptomatology that warns the fact disappear of itself, where eating habits are correct for women both as to the fetus. In some cases it is misleading to lower body weight to control the hormonal changes that contribute to these formations, this type of treatment can vary in women who are waiting for a baby for the same conditions requiring the proper development of the fetus during the entire period of alberge within the mother. Or it can also be adjusted to high levels of glucose and triglyceride with a diet rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals of different groups of natural products, without affecting the health of the child in time-out in nothing. Want to know how to treat ovarian cysts in a non-intrusive way? Please Click here to read about a method that you can eliminate the symptoms in as little as 12 hours.