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Interview Tips

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Show that unfamiliar with the company and its sector. Demonstrate that it has made a prior to the interview effort to search for information about the company. See more detailed opinions by reading what Luhan offers on the topic.. Present a positive attitude occur as a winner, not as a loser, nor much less as a desperate. Thaw your face. Smile when he is announced to the receptionist and when you are with the interviewer. It must be a smile that comes from inside and transmitted in their eyes.

Securely tighten the hand after a loose grip is very difficult to correct the bad initial impression. Listen carefully not only you must listen, but it should look like you do. There are several points which indicate good reception: stare into your eyes when the interviewer talks, keep good posture, do not mentally objections, take some notes, not begins to move restlessly, or play with the pen, show a lively attitude interested (sits with head or sandwich some small observation). Project an appearance planned with its essence. Should not be too gray, but not very showy.

Show enthusiasm. Show enthusiasm does not mean being childish or foolish. Try the salary question carefully. If they ask you how much you want to win, can respond with a question (how often pay for a similar position), or explain that before you agree on a salary, I would like to know more in detail the characteristics of the post. If you have no way out, say that the salary is always a flexible and negotiable issue and make a proposal. Do not talk too or talk about his personal life. Think that the interviewer calculates that 75% of the time talk you and reserves the other 25% the. Do not create a situation in which the interviewer has to wait. There is no valid excuse for being late to an interview. If his first day is late to happen in your working life? Do you like the interviewer. Make the interviewer feel important by the way in which you speak you or acts. Many times, the interviewer, once examined objective data, guide to hiring a candidate by printing that has you causado.