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One of the most momentous annual events of the Triple A is called King of Kings in which 16 Gladiators face each other, but only one receives the prized title.The first King of Kings in the Bullring in the city of Mexico was organized in 1997. The event was so successful that since then has been organized one every year in different cities, so people not living in the capital have the opportunity to attend.The fighters involved in the annual tournament King of Kings, which incidentally, is televised only through model payment per event, know that to win not must overcome a host of challengers, because they will stay with the title until the next broadcast of the Championship.The unusual tournament works like this: the fighters are separated into four groups of four members. Each group holds a fight of all against all and the winner goes to the final in which four finalists face each other.Of the 14 King of Kings organized so far, only La Parka has retained the title more than once, but neither he has done so in consecutive years. A new event will be organised in 2011 and the spectators will be tuned to meet a new winner..