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Great Stress

§ March 18th, 2014 § Filed under General § Tagged Comments Off on Great Stress

When a consultant you want is to take a reading of the letters, it is probably because it is experiencing problematic situations, or feel that you need to help you is somehow. These bad times all we presented, may vary in their degree of impact on the emotional life of the person. Sometimes it may be curiosity on a timely topic, for example, when will I find the person I’m looking for, or how go me on my vacation. But on other occasions the situation can you encourage the reading of the letters may be hopeless, with a heavy load of psychic pain. It is in these moments when we feel great stress, and these moments are, paradoxically, in that worst conditions we face to the reading of the letters.

The first condition to attend an efficient reading of letters is presented with open mind and heart, willing to listen to the realities that we will reveal the Tarot reader. If we are engaged in to hear one thing, a single truth, our truth, we will be wasting the opportunity of Learn what is really valuable for us. It is not a smart idea wasted a reading of letters. It should be then free the mind of the concerns, and we approach to consultation with a child’s heart, which astonishes with everything, which is all new, and who listens to everything with a heart full of innocence. Stress does not lead to any benefit, since it is an inadequate response of the body and mind to situations of chronic pain. When something disturbs the individual, it does not suffer and brings unpleasant consequences for a long time, stress arises as a natural reaction of the person. We can find a physiological base for stressful situations in the uncontrolled release of cortisol into the bloodstream. Cortisol is a hormone, naturally present in critical moments, but that if it is kept for a long time can cause physical problems such as heart disease or various psychosomatic diseases.

For this reason, stress is a bad companion, which affects not only our health but our criterion. The reading of the letters must be confronted with a calm mindset. Meditation and yoga can be very effective weapons against stress. Thus, we will not only improve our ability to respond to negative situations, but that we can leverage our resources more efficiently, as the reading of the letters. A proper reading of the letters can make a big difference in the life of the consultant. It can give you guidelines to overcome difficult or painful situations, or help you find the resignation when nothing can be done. But the reading of the letters must be received with a mind clear, worry-free. Otherwise we’d be fooling us.