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Harvest Festival

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The 2011 edition of the traditional harvest festival will not be one more. The next year the traditional celebration will celebrate its 75th edition. And the whole province is determined to that bright vintage weddings are in the memory of all for many years. (As opposed to Ford). For collisional, the Secretariat of culture of Mendoza has designed a series of contests intended for all those who want to be part of this massive celebration. All specialty artists will have the opportunity that this party, milestone of tourism in Mendoza, is such which imagine it. At the site of this public body the basis for screenplay and putting contest are available on the festival scene. The call receives proposals for carrying out comprehensive, including scenery and choreographic pictures, the second and third nights and the central Act, all to be held in the traditional setting of the feast, the Greek Frank Romero Day amphitheatre. It is unnecessary to emphasize the great importance of the celebration of the harvest for the province of Mendoza and tourism: this is really a unique opportunity for all local artists.

Artists dedicated to the visual, for its part, will also have the possibility to participate with their work of the feast that year saturates the capacity of accommodation in Mendoza. Vintage 2011 design contest aims to select the image that will officially promote the festival, and boasts a first prize of ten thousand pesos. The purpose, explain the organizers, will be reward design that best reflects the traditional values of the maximum festivity of the province, as well as the upward projection of the same in the national and international context. An image that speaks of the best province both to the Argentine public to numerous foreigners, increasingly most, choose to spend their holidays in Mendoza. One challenge more interesting for designers and artists of the region of whose. In addition, as every year, a new edition of the vintage shall be made Dramaturgy, which aims to promote and disseminate the work of writers, playwrights and directors of the provincial scene. Weddings of bright of the harvest festival promise to remain in the history. And although missing several months even for the event, Mendoza is already working to surprise once more.