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Adrenaline and Rising Sun

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Here we are extremals of the Rising Sun to seek the adrenaline rush anywhere, to suck Piglet's drive from each of the asphalt. Fans of wagers and even drove in a spiral parking garage, which immediately worked well fire-fighting system – from the smokescreen of worn out tread. According to the rules Drift race suit on twisty roads with perfectly smooth and dry surfaces (rough asphalt quickly "eats" tires, and race cars themselves healthy lose speed in the turns). The race consists of two parts – Tansu (qualification) and tsuiso (final). As a result of Tansu selected sixteen the best cars. Criteria for selection – Entertainment passage of a line (in the drift velocity also plays a role). Points are awarded for the smoke, sound and other "goodies". A chic skid, when the bumper swims a couple of centimeters from bump, seriously increases the chances of winning.

Continue the fun begins – the finalists produced the track for two. "Duel" is interesting unusual taboos: a simple overtaking on the straight line is forbidden, it leads to disqualification. A now advance to slip brings an instant victory. That's why the board machines at a furious yuze share a few tens of centimeters. Detachment leader at the finish line does not mean anything if the catch-up "drew a" more elegant route. To each finalist and hung around the lead, and dust swallowed, participants are given two of arrival. The most famous competition in the world of drifting D1 (Japanese, of course) allowed modified production cars.

Football Shape Kit

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Football kit Football kit does not exist simply in order to cover his muscular body player. Football kit, primarily intended to indicate affiliation to the player of a team. But this – yet half the battle. Shape for soccer – sports uniforms, so it subject to special requirements, like any other physical shape. It must create the conditions most favorable to the athlete, which is subjected to extreme loads during the game. That is, the freedom of movement, to remove moisture, protect from overheating or overcooling, protect vulnerable sites from possible injuries.

With all that in an ideal form should be minimal, invisible to the player weight. Modern football uniform has all the listed qualities. Also, thanks to the efforts of designers of sportswear, it also inspires the players on victory. It was not always. Most recently, in the 70s of the 19th century the standard form of football called "plus four", as was out of his pants, high socks, shirts and hats. Earlier in football played in any rough clothes – in fact it was the common game: hard work or army boots, baggy trousers, belted straps, tight shirts, sweatshirts, caps and even cylinders.

Naturally, in a form easily applied people to each other trauma and injury. The first matter changes were made footwear – shoes to attach steel spikes, which greatly increased the effectiveness of soccer shoes. Gradually began to produce special athletic shoes for soccer, that is boots. Pants were replaced with long shorts, which also changed and turned into the football pants. Then it came to shirts, T-shirts have become. Large-scale changes in the field of football came in the form the second half of the 20th century with the introduction of synthetic fibers: acrylic and nylon. Sportswear made from these materials are much more fit for purpose. Football kit is different from the synthetic wool and cotton, above all, it does not absorb moisture, it remains dry, while maintaining its original weight.


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The passive gymnastics is gaining ground in recent years, mainly because that the rhythm of life that we not allow us too much free time to go to the gym often as we would like. In the last years have arisen numerous fitness equipment that enable our body to perform recommended daily exercise without that we barely notice the effort and fatigue. arles Brandes for more clarity on the issue. Vibratory platforms were are undoubtedly the main reference in the field of passive gymnastics. Just ten minutes on vibratory platforms produce the same effect as between half an hour and an hour of intense exercise. But vibratory platforms are not only passive gymnastics devices used in most modern gyms.

The latest trend in passive gymnastics is the inversion table, a still little known device for those who do not go to the gym regularly. The inversion table lets go turning the human body from its normal vertical position to a totally contrary position, vertical head down. More recent studies have shown that the inversion table is indicated especially to correct back problems, such as Herniated discs and slight deviations of the spinal column. Your continued use of the inversion table also allows you to improve blood circulation to the area of the brain, helping to reduce fatigue and stress and fluid retention problems. Oddly passive gymnastics does not imply really no effort is not as well, so that the human body is put in the form it is necessary that your muscles work, although we do not perceive that effort. Therefore, it is not more to always have a heart rate monitor that controls at all times our heart rate, allowing us to stop in time if necessary.