The Secret To Successful Advertising

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Bad slogans, and monotonous supernavyazchivaya advertising products, often causing the consumer aversion to its object, mishaps and blunders in advertising opuses – not an uncommon phenomenon in the market of the Russian advertising. A truly memorable and have to purchase a product or service offers – one. What is the secret of successful marketing moves? Mistaken view of some representatives of the advertising business that the most important thing in Advertising – memorability. In their view, it does not matter if the advertisement has caused human negative emotions, the main goal is reached – consumers pay attention to it, remember, and now the brand on everyone's lips. Examples of such alleged effective advertising abound throughout the world. Such an approach is fundamentally wrong, since advertisers are forgetting about the basic purpose of advertising, the ultimate goal of which – for sale.

Buyer in commercials or text itself is important product together with the advantages provided by its purchase. Everything else for the average consumer – an extra burden on the organs of sight and hearing, and little of interest. A good publicity stunt should make it clear to ordinary layman, that this particular product or service, among other proposals – the best just for him, created especially for him and it is to meet his man in the street needs. Object advertising benefits represented only in the case in the video (text, slogan) confirmed its function is essential for the consumer … If you liked this article, we recommend to go to this site, where you'll find a lot of useful information about contextual advertising and advertising in general.

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