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After resting a little, it was risen and heading for the tunnel of the left, continued that penosa and overwhelming day in the blackout, in search of light and pure air. Finally, after much time that it wise person if was not hours or days, it sighted a distant clarity. That light it of the spirit and it hurries the step. Soon later, finally, it reaches the exit. It advances for cool air, the sun and the freedom. The clarity of day dims its eyes, the feet sinks in the mud.

Feeling a vertigo, it for, holding in a tree twig deceased. It has advanced has a stream, a row of cinereous houses in the edge. It does not know where he is, he does not remember where deferred payment, does not know who is. He sees its image in the estagnada water and he does not recognize that man of macilento, dirty face, dishevelled.Andres breathes deep, raises the face. The stream is an obstacle and it follows for the opposing side. He crosses a field, he finds a road and soon later he arrives at the city. He rambles for the streets, feeling hunger and headquarters.

He sees a door open and if he approaches. There inside, leaned in a balcony he has bags of beans, rice, maize and sugar and on of the balcony, tobacco in rope, candles, he bathes, rapadura. In the walls hung in hooks, it had hammer, scythe, shovel and hoe, barbed wire in one I sing. In the shelf it had honey pots. potato, pumpkin candy, and goiabada. It still had, oil of whale for oil lamps, aguardente, coffee and charque. It does not have nobody to sight and Andres enter, looking some thing to eat. Suddenly it stumbles at something in the soil, if he inclines and he catches a dirty wood piece of blood.

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