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The pivot foot is kept on the top of the edge front of the rubber, then with a slow, rhythmic movement of both arms takes the ball inside the glove to a position in front of the face, transfers the weight of the body to the back and the foot of contact by bending the knee to place it leans parallel, a hip spin is performed to allow the movement of the body in direction to third (rights launchers), raises his left leg flexed to the waist and hands to a position behind the raised leg will bring at the same time. At this point removed the ball from the glove and the Launcher prepares for an explosive thrust from the rubber, bending the contact leg and bringing the arm down and back, so the body is prepared, using the leg extension of contact that acts as a catapult. The step should be natural in direction to the home, the length will depend on the height of the launcher and characteristics, the tip of the foot and the heel makes contact with the ground at the same time. The true strength of the launch occurs against the support of the leg on the step, which must stay flexed to prevent the shaking of the body and provide proper termination of the movement, which allows greater speed and control. Pitchers must employ a unique style, especially in what refers to the exit of the ball angle must be the resulting more comfortable and natural. Not a few pitchers with good development prospects have frustrated trying to change habitual movements to launch. Because of this reason it is suitable to be allowed its own style and an analysis of the results that is able to obtain. MATERIALS and methods for the implementation of this research methods of research that allowed to obtain the necessary background information, current status, as well as the empirical data on different indicators in the preparation of the pitching in the 9-10 years category baseball athletes were used.