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Prime of Life

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Mid-40s is the man in the prime of life. The eyes can however often not more fully compete with the own activity. Berlin, 23.03.2011 (PCP). Mid-40s is the man in the prime of life. The eyes can however often not more fully compete with the own activity.

Willy-nilly reinforcement need, to read relax or to work on the computer. For wearers of glasses no problem: sliding sight glasses are “normal” corrective spectacles visually in nothing. For those who prefer to do without the glasses, there are continuous appearance in the form of contact lenses. Life as we know is full of opposites. So most of the 40 to 50 years feels no less energetic and fit as Mitt thirties. At the same time the nature makes every now and again “one look”, or just “no look”.

As from the mid-40s, the lens of the eye is inelastic. With the morning newspaper is stretching for the arms: they become longer and longer. If more blurred so come then the labels at the supermarket or the speedometer while driving a car appears increasingly blurred, the argument of the additional morning gymnastics no longer catches. Sliding sight glasses are a technically mature solution for the now mature vision rejuvenation. They allow easy reading and sharp at the same time at the top look in the distance at the bottom of the glass. The high-tech glasses adjusted exactly to the requirements and seeing their vehicles by the optometrist. Factors such as eye relief, eye movements, individual reading distance, head and glasses shape determine the respective size and see zones in the glass. There is a smooth transition between the fields of vision. This not only ensures a relaxed look in all walks of life but also brings benefits: by presbyopia no trace. For people who like it still invisible so-called multifocal are often contact lenses the vision of choice. In the truest sense of the word, these lenses have multiple strengths and same short – or Hyperopia combined with presbyopia from. Contact lenses bring advantages just for movement junkies and parents of particularly active children, because they cannot fall from the nose. There are Multifocal lenses than rigid lenses as well as in the form of soft lenses. Which material is right, depends by many different factors, such as about the quality of the tear film and the individual viewing habits. Who would like to change depending on the day form between glasses and contact lenses, is accessible to Multifocal lenses of the day. The adjustment is made in each case for specialized eye opticians. Your contact for further inquiries: Kerstin Kruschinski Board of Trustees good looks (KGS) Werderscher market 15 10117 Berlin FON: 030 / 41 40 21-22 fax: 030 / 41 40 21-23 email: Net:

Men Versus Women

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Today to the 100th international women’s day is devoted to the small or even larger differences between women and men. And while it’s not the obvious external differences, but quite amazing some of the results of medical research. Often spoken by the female side of the man, and that can be taken quite literally! Did you know that every man for a short time was time so to speak a woman? Each embryo is female the first 35 days after his conception. Only on the 36th day of embryo developed by exposure to hormones to a male! Fundamental differences from the everyday life know we already some of the most typical differences between man and woman. While men are often better at mathematics and better can read maps and plans, are women most gifted is to learn foreign languages and have a better fine motor skills. Women can look better faces and random information note are patient, endure pain better, look for frequent eye contact and are lefties rare. Men see better during the day, women in the darkness. So it should be no surprise that there are differences in the brain between women and men. So are emotions such as grief, compassion and concern for women more pronounced, for men more strategic thinking. Women and men in the sport since women in 1912 for the first time were allowed to take part in Olympics, the awareness has significantly changed and women’s sport rivaled by men barely in what. That men are stronger and usually faster than women is quite simply to the biological conditions: the body fat percentage is approximately 25 percent in women, whereas men have only fat accounted for 15 percent. And also muscle mass is different, because the percentage of muscle tissue is the proportion of 30 per cent women in men with 40 percent, well above the. However, women are also advantages over men. Because because of body type women are more flexible than men, what in sports such as gymnastics, dance or gymnastics is to good. Considering the motives which lead to sports, there are also clear differences. Women visit a gym, to her body to do something good, health due to sign up with girlfriends to meet and to exchange ideas. Unlike most men: They are performance-related and search competition. Although they meet gladly to the common sports with friends, but rather, to compete with them. Also differences in health when it comes to health, differences between men and women are increasing. While men on average more often suffer from obesity, women suffer from more underweight and eating disorders. In addition, more women have osteoporosis or arthritis. Men fall ill with heart trouble in turn more often, however, the mortality rate for heart failure in women is higher. Also alcohol and cigarette consumption is higher among men. Depression and mental stress are however more women to write to. For all the differences, there are of course always exceptions. “But the differences have positive, so the same gender-specific deficits”, for what one perhaps is missing, is compensated for by the other. On the occasion of the 100th international women’s day for all the ladies came up with something. All online orders of articles from the category of “international women’s day” get free as package insert of 1 x an olive oil moisturizing mask 15 ml. Benefit from our special offers and visit us at

Fungal Infection

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Why fungi are pathogenic and what you can do against fungal infections a fungal infection is a parasitic disease of the tissue which is caused by fungi. There are dermatophytes (filamentous fungi) fungi and yeasts (Ascomycota). A fungal infection can be superficial, on the skin, under the nails or on the mucous membranes. Is also a systemic infection. Fungal infections occur in humans, animals or plants. This pathogenic fungi penetrate the skin or adhere to the skin.

When the fungus grows, a yeast infection is an infection. The immune system is healthy, the body can fight off the infection and prevent a disease. One speaks then of an inapparent infection of fungus. But a yeast infection occurred, can have the serious consequences. Even death can occur in severe cases. Symptoms of fungal infection can be symptoms of a fungal infection fatigue, skin lesions, itching, headache, drowsiness, or blurred vision.

A fungal infection in the intestine is accompanied by bloating and heartburn. Diarrhea or abdominal pain can be a sign of a fungal infection. Yeast infection causes today more and more people of all ages suffer from a fungal infection. Favours this disease is by too much stress, sugar, nutrient-poor diet, hyperacidity in the body or medication, especially antibiotics. A yeast infection of the skin, hair or nails in people with healthy immune systems triggered mostly by dermatophytes. These can be transferred due to dander. Yeasts also fungal infection may cause a skin disorder by yeasts. This is the candidiasis. An infection caused by Malassezien is also possible. Fungi prefer warm and humid areas of the skin. Fungal infections of the mucous membranes are rare in people with intact immune systems. Fungi of the genus Candida are responsible mostly for such diseases. The Candida fungus is for example copyright of thrush disease or the fungal infection of the genital organs.

Coaching Work

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Thoughts of a Burnout therapist Burnout – more and more people feel burnt out, exhausted, and not powerful. What was yesterday, today no longer goes. Sleep offers no rest and recovery more, thoughts constantly circle from a fear-occupied subject to the next. A large German crane Fund figures are alarming. 2010 Was already every 10 due to Burnout or other mental disease down day at work, sick leave due to Burnout have multiplied in the last 10 years. People who link to their professional responsibility and personal commitment, are most frequently affected. Where is all going to lead us? More people moan about increasing loads, and those who’re not noticeable, not probably know still how it really is them.

Explanations are also quickly found. We live, as we know, in a performance-oriented society, the practices in the labour market always have in recent decades and again more and more changes to the detriment of the workers. A high pace of work goes hand in hand with mental stress, the requirements and also content of many jobs rise from year to year, often falling employee distributes the additional quantum of work on fewer shoulders, who works only 50 hours, has caught probably super. The atmosphere is always rough, no one wants to lose their jobs, scare the competition and candidate snakes on the labour market. You already do just ideal conditions for employers, fodder for Burnout, what should? There are also bright spots, a rethink is to an idea already on the horizon. Not only the demographic change is pushing employers to rethink, the economic damage, stressed, burnt out and little flexible employees produce is significantly not only if, for weeks or even months due to illness and burnout are drawn. It starts rethinking now in many places, but still not all. Da listens and reads you Coaching and movement training for employees, by becoming ever more flexible working time models and time accounts, which give the individual wishes and needs more space.