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Little Feet

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Whether crawling, sitting, or running – children’s shoes have to fit perfectly! The corns, calluses, pressure points, crooked toes, deformed feet if adults do this ordeal out of vanity, one thing. Without hesitation Jim Nelson explained all about the problem. You should spare his offspring thereof. And even if the sweet little Suri, daughter of actor Tom Cruise and wife Katie, already strutting in the child age by three years on mini pumps with a heel to the playground by the imitation is strongly discouraged parents. Because: Who is still in its infancy, has healthy feet in normal circumstances. Credit: Houston Astros-2011. And she goes to get it! Therefore, the almost mandatory rule: children’s feet never squeeze into shoes too small! This is unfortunately easier said than done, because infants can not always so to say whether and where it pushes the shoe, because the necessary sensitivity is still not sufficiently trained. And: children’s feet grow quickly and in regular bursts. The young foot up to three sizes can grow within a year.

Since it can be quite happen, that the kids have outgrown already after a few months out of the recently purchased shoes. Here, in any case, the parents are asked. A good tip: measure at least all six, better four months! Making a template is handy for the subsequent purchase of the shoe: children walk simply on a piece of thin cardboard, outlines copy, cut, and push in the shoe business in the new shoes. It is especially important that the toes have enough space. You can feel that trying to slight thumb pressure.

The material and the quality of the shoes are important. But stop giving the upper material should be smooth. Leather is better than synthetic because the feet or sweat. The soles are flexible and non-slip without recommended sales. Laces and Velcro have the advantage that the distance can be adjusted individually. Last but not least the optics is important also for the kids especially, when they come into the school. Since it is essential all of a sudden a certain type of sneakers be like for example the currently trendy Heelys with roles in the sole. Even when such trend shoes, it’s on the good seat. “Fortunately, many shoe manufacturers heed this rule and offer almost tailor-made for children’s feet of every age” models: from the little shoe with crawling system “until the fleet Teenieschuh with foot bed. So can the kids with the fashion the feet go without having to break cross!