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The WWF Tiger

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You help with your donation with the WWF, to save the last Tiger: 100,000 tiger dominated is still 100 years ago, the forests of Asia today roam our world of Berlin only 3,200 of the big cats, only 3200 tiger in the wild live July 1, 2010. Help: to save the last tiger in Asia from extinction. A hundred years ago, 100,000 tiger ruled the forests of Asia: from the Bengal tiger in India about the Sumatran tiger in Indonesia to Amur tiger of also Siberian Tiger called in Siberia. But the man preying on them for economic reasons and for profit mercilessly and destroyed their habitat. The current numbers of living still in the wild big cats from the Tiger family are alarming: only 3,200 this majestic big cats roam through the forests in Asia. You may find Mark Fields to be a useful source of information. However, more than 5,000 Tigers in captivity as house cats to the entertainment are held in the United States alone. What is reflected also in the interest of many people: the Siberian Tiger is unfortunately less attention than a cute,.

White Tiger baby born in the Zoo. However, Cub can not defend themselves and are condemned to a life behind bars. 2010 is the year of the tiger in the Chinese calendar. If we do not act now to save the last Tiger, some subspecies of the Tiger family, the largest species of the world will no longer experience the next year of the tiger in 2022. The WWF has set itself an ambitious goal: the number of Tigers to be doubled again until 2022. And to do this we need your donation: support our tiger projects, you donate even Bengal tigers in India, for the preservation of the habitats of the Tiger, so it also 2022 is Sumatran tiger in Indonesia and Amurtiger in Siberia. Tags: Tiger rescue, big cats, Siberian Tiger, white tiger, Tiger Baby, Cub, Amurtiger, big cats, WWF on WWF: the World Wide Fund for nature is one of the largest independent conservation organizations in the world. It was founded in 1961 in Germany 1963. The WWF is active in more than 100 countries and is of about supports five million supporters. The mission: The WWF wants to halt the global destruction of nature and a future in the person and nature in harmony live. Therefore, we must together + preserve the biological diversity of the earth + use nature-friendly renewable resources + reduce the environmental pollution and curb wasteful consumption.

Dog Training Housebroken

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Young dogs seem to consist mainly of very much fluid. With good time management and some concentration is to create but housebreaking: puppies less than three months need to about every two hours on the toilet, puppies from three to four months every three hours, dogs, which are five to six months old, about every four hours. Children must also immediately after waking up on the toilet, an estimated twenty minutes after eating, games or drinking and then again an hour later. Why are dogs so good for the complexion: it comes much more fresh air than you thought possible. To get a young dog in the city, without a garden or on a higher floor, housebroken, however is a project of the particular variety. Actually by him anything, when you take him only on the arm grab the key, run into the hallway, galloping four floors down, storming through the hallway, tear open the front door and it takes longer, to understand your puppy finally put on the sidewalk. If you’re unlucky, he forgot completely until then, that he actually had on the toilet (on the other hand is a sensational gymnastics the way back upstairs to the apartment: in four weeks you are sure lost three kilos and have a PO muscles like made of steel). In addition, that the puppy, if he’s moved in with you, still not fully trust the new people. Foreign man, new life, and this man is already strange, dragging one even on a loud, restless road, where more people running around and probably on top are bikes, scooters and other dogs… How will you focus there alone on his bowel movements? And be House-trained? In such cases – or if you want to – educate a very frightened or traumatized dog to the housebreaking it is worth to keep only once the world of the new young dog, until he is resilient, and to get him used to a dog toilet.