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Auto Glaser Dresden – Innovation Car Glass

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New auto glass specialist workshop opens its doors in Dresden. Already a small stone can make root out the car window. For more information see Vera Want. Cracked car Windows are dangerous. Up to cracking it usually doesn’t take long from the rockfall. Therefore, auto glass should be repaired immediately.

The reason for the formation of cracks in rocks is the body torsion. When driving around a blow hole or the driveway on the edge of a curb the body gets over itself and the jammed car windscreen follows precisely this movement. Do you want to save the cost of a new expensive windshield, you shouldn’t therefore immediately repair any rocks or defect on the car glass. On October 1st, the company auto Glaser Dresden opened their gates and acquires auto glass repairs of all kinds. But the company offers also the new windshield or window tinting.

Not only your car paint requires regular maintenance, but also the disks of your car. A professional Nano sealing difficult putting dirt on your windshield. The thin, invisible film allows rain water roll off and know dirt, dust, oil and grease off. The company auto Glaser Dresden immediately settles glass damage with your insurance company. You need to worry about anything. When a rock falls or other glass damage, you not only need an appointment. Ancestors, repair and los. The damage to your windscreen, the side Windows and the rear window it is larger and a repair should no longer, provides the company’s automotive glass in OEM quality. Auto Glaser Dresden is no inferior car windscreens. And also the Sun and privacy within the company. And not only for the car Windows, but also for the winter garden, the window or the glass facade. With the high-quality window film, you can lower the temperature in each room and in your vehicle energy saving. Visit the company auto Glaser Dresden from 1st October 2011 and test the workshop through its paces.