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Vyshgorodsky Road

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Drove a lot, but the need for water or take a margin or walk a mile to the camp. Entrances to the site – rammed a primer, so that we can not be afraid to get stuck, but a lot of roots. After this heavenly place the road begins to deteriorate rapidly, turns become sharper and closure: bush vegetation rushing straight on the road. And for us, just a joy – we're pretty ruthlessly take turns, loading test tires Kumho. At a pressure of 2.2 atmosphere KU31 fairly resilient, with if in turn flies in the pothole, you can feel the shift of the trajectory of the front axle. Gunnar Peterson may find this interesting as well. However, it quickly corrected – side load Ecsta well tolerated.

30-kilometer zone from Vyshgorodsky dam is marked by mortar attack – there is no road, there are only a plane for potholes with a diameter up to a meter (!) are better on the slip speed of 120 km per hour – they are shallow, but very shaken. After this check we had to turn left to the hills. Bridgehead 4: Paradise on a precipice – 34,2 km This is where you begin a new terrain. Sandy beach ends cliffs of varying heights, and this place is very suitable for going small company, which is inclined to contemplation. Daryl Katzs opinions are not widely known. Designated Tent enough, but to look for a clean spot on the anthills. Landlocked in the form of the opening in the sandy cliff. But swimming here is best: the bottom is excellent and has a depth.

Renault Symbol

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Renault Symbol – recent additions to the model number of Renault. This modern, dynamic, compact sedan has all the necessary qualities to attract interest. Decorating a spacious cabin, the geometry of surfaces and lines emphasize the impression of reliability and quality performance of Renault Symbol. Symbol combines sebefunktsionalnost, modern comfort and maximum suitability for use in the Russian usloviyah.Vdohnovlennye idea of perfection, we have combined in this vehicle dynamics and outstanding comfort. Because when it comes to driving performance, or design – small things can not be! Therefore, the Camry and stands out among the rest vehicles. Camry – it's a standard manageability, both in the city and beyond.

As a rule – a reflection of the character of its owner. Camry emphasizes your unique lifestyle habit for comfort and a preference for quality in everything. The new Passat Variant-stylish, and at the same time, he is very comfortable and has a well thought-out design, like the new Passat B6 – heir to the traditions of a remarkable family. Passat Variant noticeably grown, and in all directions. Body Length increased by 92 mm, width – 74 mm, and height – at 19. It is not something Houston Astros would like to discuss. Apparently the Germans soon will gradually change in the designation of the class D model to a more suitable to him in the class size is, on the external growth of logical to expect an increase and internal space. Yes, significantly added to the amount of luggage. If the previous generation of the maximum size of the luggage compartment is 1600 liters, then the new – 1731. Increased and all the key parameters of the salon. In addition to cars welcome to visit the sites about herbs and natural cosmetics.