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Real Madrid

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EP the summoned selector gave the list of for the friendly one before Chile. It considers that the incidents will not go to more in the equipment. It did not want to value the suplencia of Squares in the Bernabu trophy. The national selector Vicente of the Forest has done rrencia to the facts occurred during the dispute of Supercopa of Spain between Real Madrid and Barcelona, and although he has affirmed to remain " with the part positiva" it considers that &quot is one; bad propaganda" for Spanish soccer. " It was to hope that there was some rubbing, as always is going to have in a Madrid-Bara.

The positive part is that they have been two great parties and one great propaganda than is our soccer, although a bad propaganda of these rubbing that does not lead to nada" , it indicated the salmantino. Of the Forest it has affirmed that the international involved in the argument of the parties of Supercopa " they are patrimony of Spanish soccer and must give the best one of imgenes". In addition, it has assured that it hopes that " everything follows igual". " Just as it happened in the last call we hoped that everything continues being equal, we did not hope that the things are conducted in another sense, said Of the Forest, that it added that all try that there are " good relaciones". " I do not say that is absolute to secure successes, but that it is more difficult that the successes arrive without good convivencia" , it maintained. Finally, the selector also had words for Iker Squares and the gesture that has had this last week to call to the players of the FC Barcelona to calm the spirits facing the future concentrations of ' Roja' , something that him could cost the suplencia in the party of the Trophy Santiago Bernabu of this Wednesday. " Any gesture that is so that the relations in the selection continue being good seems to me well, and the gesture of this Wednesday is a decision than the trainer it believed but conveniente" , it concluded, not without first to clarify that it is totally in discord of " everything what is verbal aggressiveness or fsica". Source of the news: Of the Forest, on the incidents in Supercopa: " Espaol&quot was bad propaganda for soccer;


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The great majority of the soccer players of Madrid puts in front obedience to their trainer, Jose Mourinho, to the care of their particular professional prestige. Of doors for inside, nevertheless, they do not share all the decisions of the technician in the parties of Supercopa. On the one hand, they celebrate that, finally, one dared to raise a brave party in defense, drowning to the rival in its own land. On the other hand, after the defeat (3-2) in the Camp Nou, in the meetings that maintained the players criticized the express order to finish the plays as rapidly as possible to avoid the losses and the successive counterstrokes of Messi. Also they lamented the location of Coentro in means center, in the second part. The first decision, according to the players, reduced clarity to them to end more to a tired Bara than ever. The second measurement facilitated the goal of Messi because Coentro does not have office of defensive steering wheel. Source of the news: : Coentro and the vertigo