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Photos of Frank by the Vali in Ludwigsburg – Irfan Kars reads from the Alchemist the magic of a moment gave a special lucky hit a Stuttgart-based photographer in Vienna: the Leopold Museum in Vienna, which attracts visitors with an outstanding Schiele and Klimt collection art lovers from all over the world, bought an autumn photo motif that Frank of the Gabby has recorded in his typical imagery before the modern temple of the arts. A little girl plays in front of the 2001 opened cube and reaches for wilted leaves of autumn that a gust suddenly has stirred up. This colorful everyday scene in front of the white limestone facade advertises in the future for the children’s programme in the Leopold Museum. Frank from the Valdez, who was born in Ostfildern in 1973 and spent 18 years in Colombia, focuses on people in public spaces in his street photography. In its daily productions, chance ultimately is directing. The Stuttgart-based photographer experimented with shapes, lines, light and shadow.

‘ I want the special in the seemingly inconsequential and random Discover; Search the optimum viewing angle and cut-out and hold the respective moment in his essence,’ reveals he his Philosophie.Obwohl he in his photographic reportage style actually black and white prefers, he boosts magic of many pinned moments in addition by atmospheric colour. The motif of Vienna invites you to his first photo exhibition at the Cafe Midori (WilhelmGalerie, Wilhelmstrasse 24) in Ludwigsburg, Germany. About ten photographs put small things of everyday life in a special light until late November. To the opening of his exhibition ‘Magic of a moments’ in the Cafe of Midori, the Stuttgart-based actor Irfan reads Kars from Paulo Coelho’s magical bestseller ‘The Alchemist’. The admission is free. More under or author: Hans-Peter Jahn

Martina Obot

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explains Harald Kroher, the artistic director of the Pirmasenser photo days. We therefore again expect an active participation and look forward to many submissions with expressive portraits.” At the Pirmasenser photo days is a multi-week event, which is organised by the city Pirmasens in collaboration with the artistic director Harald Kroher. After the premiere of 2008 and the subsequent event in 2009 the national and increasingly international Pirmasenser photo days from 10 to 26 June 2011 already for the third time, and in every two years in future take place. Here it comes regularly, to present the consistently high-quality works by photographers from diverse genres at the same time and different, all publicly accessible areas of communal life. Art is worn so to speak in the public space, by the works come to the citizens because namely not only targeted, but also in carrying out his daily errands looking up the exhibitors and Thus in passing to the consumers can be.

In this way also the target groups will be addressed in addition to those interested in photography, usually attending no exhibitions or museums. Exhibitors the Pirmasenser photo days are both public buildings, for example, the District Court, as also companies building, for example, banks or fitness clubs. In addition, there is a main exhibition of selected photos of all participating photographers can be seen, moreover, numerous workshops and themed events as well as a model contest. More information is available on the Internet at. Contacts: Photo days Pirmasens Harald of Kroher/artistic director gymnastics 13 D-66953 Pirmasens (g) phone: +49(0)6331/871311 phone (pvt): +49(0)6331/13345 mobile: +49(0)176/21115057 photo days Pirmasens Rolf Saha/city marketing Frohnstrasse 8 D-66954 Pirmasens telephone: +49(0)6331/23943-12 fax: +49(0)6331/23943-28 mobile: +49(0)172/6901987 press contact: ars publicandi society for marketing and public relations mbH Martina Obot school 28 D-66976 Rodalben telephone: +49(0)6331/5543-13 fax: +49(0)6331/5543-43 mobile: +49(0)171//8353482 – profiles/Martina_Overmann