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Strategic Processes

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The modern organization is a multifunctional system, which has complex relations with the external environment. Therefore, in order to be able to survive in a changing environment, the company needs to develop a strategy. The process of developing and implementing a strategy called strategic management, considered the most modern and efficient concept of "strategic corporate planning" 1. I. Ansoff treats strategic governance as "logical and analytical process to determine the future of the company, depending on external conditions of activity" 2. S. Dow calls a strategic management "is almost a prediction of the situation in the future" 3. Application of evidence-based development model and strategy is key to the success of the choice of strategic alternatives.

Building such a model must be made with regard to the requirements implementation of which ensures the success of the development and application of a strategy. In addition to considering these requirements, special attention should be given the advantages and disadvantages of implementing the strategic plans of the enterprise. The central concept of stewardship is the term "strategy". Literary sources and scientific developments offer a very diverse interpretation of the concept. According to Mr. Mintzberg 4, the concept "Strategy" consists of five definitions: 1) strategy as the plan (a guide, a reference point, the direction of development), 2) strategy as a principle of conduct, 3) strategy as a position, and 4) as a strategy perspective, 5) strategy as the reception. Strategy as the plan envisions, in our view, the synthesis of two concepts: a landmark, and the task, while the qualitative aspect of the plan serves as a guide, and quantification is presented as a problem.