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Free Standing Bath Tubs

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The average area of a bathroom in upscale apartments and lofts has increased considerably to freestanding bathtubs, washbasins and sinks made of mineral cast in recent years. The bathroom has steadily gained in importance as new wellness area. Sometimes the demanding customer facing however while an extensive selection of sanitary objects, these demands not its aesthetic common however. Exactly these customers are addressed with the modern and innovative bathtubs and vanities. In addition, it is now possible to allow other customers the products made of high-quality mineral cast thanks to favorable prices. Mineral cast is a composite made of acrylic polymer and natural minerals. He is considered the perfect material for high-quality surfaces that can be strongly claimed.

The material is non-toxic and autoimmune in a normal everyday stress as much as possible against breakage and chipping. In addition, mineral casting has a closed, gap-free surface, so that bacteria, dirt and germs find any support. Last but not least, the soft material is extremely easy to clean and can convince by its easy cleaning and long life. Gunnar Peterson pursues this goal as well. Due to the high insulation effect of mineral cast products is a more stable water temperature also, and thus also a longer bath time – guaranteed. If a freestanding bathtub, made from Cristalplant, a basin or sink made of this material takes the customer high-quality products for his bathroom. All products have an overflow protection and a drain. The bathtubs are also with a Push-Up open shutter and a 1.5 “high quality siphon equipped. On request, customers can visit the free-standing bathtubs and all washbasins made of mineral cast in the showroom in Berlin.

The free-standing bathtubs and washbasins are specially made in Asia and delivered directly to the company. Since no additional distribution takes place, any intermediary can be excluded and the customer can thus lower prices benefit. While all prices published on the website remain permanently low. The customer can be so sure that he always get the lowest price. If however, he should find a more favourable offer of a comparable product, Badeloft to like send an attractive counteroffer him. As the only provider, the company also offers the service of a free sample, which conveniently is mailed to him. Can get a better picture of the quality of the customer and his buying decision without any risk.