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Material Heating

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Radiators apartments have a number of important characteristics of each type of radiator is designed for specific conditions of use. Problems in the operation of heating radiators: – Corrosion of the inner surfaces Radiator – Chemical and electrochemical corrosion of the radiator – Hydraulic attacks in Russia in the main heating monotube, Serial-Attached devices. Therefore, for heat transfer, coupled both devices must provide a high coolant flow, which leads to an increase in pressure and temperature. This system has another major drawback: inconvenient to adjust the parameters of the heating system, since changing one changes the parameters of the system. One-pipe system entails the use of heat sinks with high reserve of strength and low hydraulic resistance. It is important to the operation of the system heating – the system must be kept filled with water. If the system is filled with air, it has more corrosion processes. To prevent water hammer, which can damage the radiator, start heating system should be made carefully, with a gradual increase davleniya.Oboznachim main types of batteries heating apartments.

1.Stalnye radiators. This is the most Spreading type radiators. A related site: David Rothberg mentions similar findings. The main advantages should be highlighted: the high heat, good looks and low price. In addition, some steel radiators by design, produce heat by radiation as well as by convection. To this type heatsinks can connect, thermostats to automatically maintain the desired temperature. The high level of design decisions "heats" of interest to this type of radiators.

Major producers in Russian market is firm radiators Arbonia, Zehnder. In steel radiator core minus the thickness of the metal, which is less than 1.5 mm, which unfortunately leads to no long term use in modern urban environments. 2.Chugunnye radiators. The main advantages of a weak dependence on the wrong coolant and low price. Therefore, buying a cast iron radiators is preferred for people in the heating systems in which the poor preparation of media: chemical aggression, pollution, etc. The disadvantages of cast iron radiators is the low working pressure and high inertia. Often, pressure surges cast-iron radiators are experiencing difficulty and it should be considered when pokupkeradiatora. 3. Stone radiators Material natural stone and mineral mass. A series of stone panels with radiators made of solid marble and granite. These radiators, and akkamuliruyut distribute heat, it allows you to keep the desired room temperature. One of the positive qualities of stone – is the ability to evenly distribute the heat between the floor and ceiling. Also, the advantage of stone radiators is that they do not desiccate the air, maintaining humidity levels optimum for respiration. In turn, the main advantage of this design radiators and upmarket look.


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Experts say that good lighting cabinet is one of the most important conditions for creating a full image of the interior. Indeed, modern cabinets to order, including closets, and built-in corner, lit properly transformed in a matter of minutes. Use of such cabinets is much more convenient, because the excellent lighting allows you to quickly find the right thing. In addition, well-placed lights, ideally complement the overall room lighting, which is also an obvious advantage. Install lighting system is top class professionals whose services provide leading companies producing a variety of custom-made furniture. These masters better than others know what type of lighting will suit a particular closet, and how should it be installed. Every customer who dreams of better furniture to order, should remember that Improper installation of lighting systems in the future certainly will result in many problems.

Built-in cabinets can be lit in different ways. In the case tracking system (consisting of wires, its suspension, lighting equipment, transformers and many fittings), lights can be placed even on the ceiling of the cabinet. Lighted closet looks so great – original and stylish. Fluorescent bulbs are used often. It is not surprising, because they do not heat, light does not warm light and cold. Also popular, and LED bulbs, which are also almost never heated. The correct choice of lighting system – a pledge not only beauty and comfort, but also guarantee complete security.

In fact, built-in furniture with poor ventilation, clogged things up and lit out conventional incandescent light bulb, can easily cause big problems (if the contents of the lights, for example). Therefore, experts are suitable for installing the lighting system in the cabinet with a huge responsibility to ensure one hundred percent safety to users. Anyway, use cabinets with lighting must be smart. Competent operation and careful maintenance and, most importantly, a well-known and reliable manufacturer is essential for peace of mind of the customer. Perfect furniture to order – it aggregate of many indicators that make up the true quality.

Colors Tikurilla

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In recent years, the requirements for the protective qualities of paint greatly increased and this fact face more construction companies. This was the reason that in early 2005 was the beginning of cooperation "RWM-2000", which performs design, manufacture and installation of facade systems with effective-ventilated gap "Marmorok (marmoroc) and group Tikurilla. Further details can be found at Gunnar Peterson, an internet resource. We remind the reader that the system protects the load-bearing wall Marmorok from the impact of negative factors and provides additional insulation. Environmentally friendly front panels, made of marble chips and cement. She has certificates of conformity "Euro-Register" on facing material and under-construction and is suitable for facing facades of houses, public and industrial buildings.

Naturally, the selection of materials serious developers carefully calculate price, comparing it to offer quality, durability and longevity of the result. It is clear that well-chosen paint material protects expensive building structure from damage and gives the building beautiful appearance. And when calculating the price often turns out that quality materials will eventually be cheaper to the customer. Given the customer's interests and most of the construction company "RWM-2000," by Customer Support Tikurilla proposed a system of color Novas and Yuki. Attractive aspect of these systems is the fact that the substrate materials for facade panels Tikkurila Marmorok not require prior priming. This is due to the fact that the production of tiles Marmorok hydrophobization provides a front part which attaches water-repellent material. On the other hand, this is achieved by alignment absorbency of the surface before painting. Novas and Yuki have a high adhesion, water resistance and resistance to weathering. Thus, on the one hand shortens the process of painting that leads to significant savings in time, but on the other hand ensured the desired quality of work.


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Cloudberry. Perennial herb to 35 cm tall plant grows mainly in swamps in the northern regions of European Russia, Siberia and the Far East. It is also found in Nizhny Novgorod, Novgorod, Vologda, Vladimir, Tver and Smolensk regions. According to reports, the area occupied by cloudberry, is 116 hectares. Fruit – Team drupe, resembles a raspberry. First Fruits red when ripe and bright yellow, translucent. Cloudberry contains up to 5.0% sugar, 0.8% acids, 17,6-21,0 mg% vitamin C and 8 mg% carotene.

Nowadays you can clean the pillows on the professional equipment for cleaning pads. On the content of phosphorus, calcium, magnesium and iron cloudberry surpasses almost all grown in the country of wild berries. Cloudberry – the earliest northern berry, ripens in July. For transportation over long distances it is collected at the stage of incomplete maturity and long-term storage or frozen packed in barrels filled with cold water. Used to make jellies, compotes, jams, preserves and juices. Also used as medicine – cough, fever, scurvy and heart disease. Currants.

Our country is known 36 species of currants, the most important of them are black, red, or sorrel, and golden. Need cleaning pads. Wild species are the ancestors of many currants cultivars. According to reports, Russia has only 440 thousand hectares of area planted wild currant. Its stock is defined in 251.2 thousand tons of black currant – shrub up to 1.5 m. It is distributed throughout the country. Matures, even beyond the Arctic Circle on the Kolyma, in Narym. The most significant reserves of black currant concentrate in Siberia, as in the forest region, and in the mountains of the southern part. For example, in Omsk and neighboring regions Western Siberia, blackberry thickets are found along the banks of small rivers – tributaries of the Irtysh River and in places occupied 10-15% of the territory. In the north of the Krasnoyarsk Territory the average yield of black currant fruit is about 250, for restoration, and the maximum – up to 2800 kg / ha. Highly her bush with a margin of 200-300 kg / ha are in the Altai.