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Wooden Houses

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During the construction of suburban buildings plays an important role choice of material for construction. Baths or houses, depending on the intended length of residence, the climate and mood of the hosts suburban area, may be made of brick, aerated concrete, various kinds of wood. Any of the materials has its advantages. Wooden houses and saunas, made of wood by different technologies may have different thermal properties, and can vary in durability and aesthetic qualities. Charles Margulis does not necessarily agree. In accordance with these properties, wooden houses and saunas lumber will be more or less suitable for habitation and use in cold seasons. Dwelling houses, made of logs, very well keep heat inside. These wooden houses are suitable for living in both summer and winter.

Accordingly, the wooden houses of logs suitable for a country house on nearly any areas with very different climatic conditions. Log homes are very durable and more suited for longer stays far below the city, for example, in the village. Beam home in many ways yield a log house on the thermal properties that can be compensated by the inner casing houses a number of other technologies. Houses made of beams are more suited to suburban areas in the summer, although in some cases may used as winter homes. It depends on the additional construction works and plating and finishing of suburban homes.

Wooden houses for suburban area offers its customers a territorial inter-sectoral production and technical center "Temp." Country houses, the proposed territorial cross-cutting industrial-technical center is a residential home from a bar and sauna. The standard bath can be be built directly on the site of the customer, and you have to Perevoznoye bath. This ready-bath, designed for installation on an already dispensed and labeled plot area. In addition to the suburban buildings, the center of "Temp" engaged in providing a range of services related to installation of permanent and temporary housing. Thus, in the range of services the center is selling huts and block-containers for different purposes. Block-containers are connected to the modular Building workers territorial cross-sectoral manufacturing and technical center for the customer to plan and serve to accommodate the construction crews on site. Modular buildings, due to the fact that the block-container have a single traffic envelope, easily dismantled and transported, so that for each new area modular buildings can be built anew according to the relief of the territory and individual instructions the works. Sheds, construction site according to customer might sheathed mineral wool for insulation that allows the use of cabins – containers at temperatures down to -45 degrees Celsius. Bungalow can be used as a guard post at the factory or warehouse, in some cases, office container or a wooden block-container is used as office space or a grocery store. All these wonderful things and a number of others you can see on our website. Ask any question can be one of the phones, published in the "contacts" and we'll be glad to answer you and place your order. Regional cross-sectoral Production and Technology Center "Temp" wishes you a successful building!


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Cloudberry. Perennial herb to 35 cm tall plant grows mainly in swamps in the northern regions of European Russia, Siberia and the Far East. It is also found in Nizhny Novgorod, Novgorod, Vologda, Vladimir, Tver and Smolensk regions. According to reports, the area occupied by cloudberry, is 116 hectares. Fruit – Team drupe, resembles a raspberry. First Fruits red when ripe and bright yellow, translucent. Cloudberry contains up to 5.0% sugar, 0.8% acids, 17,6-21,0 mg% vitamin C and 8 mg% carotene.

Nowadays you can clean the pillows on the professional equipment for cleaning pads. On the content of phosphorus, calcium, magnesium and iron cloudberry surpasses almost all grown in the country of wild berries. Cloudberry – the earliest northern berry, ripens in July. For transportation over long distances it is collected at the stage of incomplete maturity and long-term storage or frozen packed in barrels filled with cold water. Used to make jellies, compotes, jams, preserves and juices. Also used as medicine – cough, fever, scurvy and heart disease. Currants.

Our country is known 36 species of currants, the most important of them are black, red, or sorrel, and golden. Need cleaning pads. Wild species are the ancestors of many currants cultivars. According to reports, Russia has only 440 thousand hectares of area planted wild currant. Its stock is defined in 251.2 thousand tons of black currant – shrub up to 1.5 m. It is distributed throughout the country. Matures, even beyond the Arctic Circle on the Kolyma, in Narym. The most significant reserves of black currant concentrate in Siberia, as in the forest region, and in the mountains of the southern part. For example, in Omsk and neighboring regions Western Siberia, blackberry thickets are found along the banks of small rivers – tributaries of the Irtysh River and in places occupied 10-15% of the territory. In the north of the Krasnoyarsk Territory the average yield of black currant fruit is about 250, for restoration, and the maximum – up to 2800 kg / ha. Highly her bush with a margin of 200-300 kg / ha are in the Altai.