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§ January 8th, 2016 § Filed under General § Tagged Comments Off on Independence

An arrogant attitude, one has lain self-centered or egoistic, that judges that the world daily or, all in the world are working for it to cause problems, and that its happiness and peace had been stolen by the behavior of they outrem must give place more to a thought brando and calm, that really leads to the understanding. in this state of clarividncia, looks the solution, it will come, because the solution has name: active and partilhada life. God remembers always says yes, and says yes what you believe. On the other hand, I want to ask for license to show an image to it: You imagine who to each that you say daily do not represent one pedrinha that she goes being deposited to its return. Not taste of fish, cod, shrimp, sardine; not taste and violent, delayed, legendado film; not taste of racket, rock, baio, mpb; not taste of gil, carrot; not taste of cold, sun, strong wind; taste not to take remedy, to make gymnastics, to walk; taste not to read. Its relation makes you yourselves, but it uses at least one week to find a small sample of the amount of nos that you accumulate to its return. You construct one you circulate unsurmountable of nos, wanting with this to demonstrate its independence and its strong personality one I circulate infindvel of ' ' not taste, I do not want, I cannot! that after all you for all surround the sides, leaving only few possibilities of any person to penetrate in this I circulate and to coexist harmonic, with you. Independence is plus a question to produce its sustenance and its condition of life with its proper work; strong personality is more to dominate its body of vices and harmful attitudes, that can harm the life of other people. The healthy convivncia in harmony with the nature imposes in them to accept and to try all the wealth and nuances that the life in offers to them goes there, – what is the least eventually, because to limit itself? The barrier created for no systematic affects its life negative.