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Thus, there is atrophy of the small area of skin. Collagen fibers elongate by horizontally. Elastin elongates and, after breaks and is replaced by connective tissue. Solution. In this regard importantly – prevention. To do this during pregnancy to maintain physical activity. Muscles must be in toes! Any fitness center offers classes for pregnant women.

The best choice for the prevention of stretch marks during pregnancy is swimming. 30 minutes is sufficient to maintain skin tone. Prevent stretch marks during pregnancy – is to do massage and make easy douche. Stretch marks can appear not only on his stomach, but also on the chest and thighs. So, the douche is necessary both for the thighs and buttocks, and for the chest and abdomen. Also, do not forget about the basic walk, do not lie on the couch watching television. Otherwise, you will increase the risk of stretch marks. Teeth growing fetus needs calcium, but if it is not enough food, he takes it from there, where his lot is of teeth.

Hormonal changes lead to improvement of blood circulation in the gums, and they start to bleed, even for a simple teeth cleaning. Solution. Modern pregnant woman knows that prevent damage to the teeth can good care of food and teeth. Normal health should be given more attention. Brush your teeth necessarily twice a day, using therapeutic and prophylactic toothpastes. To improve circulation in the gums should be done massage. Compensate loss of calcium through a balanced diet. Especially "to cheer the body perceives fish (salmon) with bones, calcium, of which remarkable to digest.

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