The Accent

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It is to see them as one opportunity for growth and evolution, rather than seeing them as a revelation. Promptly, what is the role of the family in the expression of positive emotions? Kids absorb like sponges the emotional climate that can express themselves at home. If we show them by example that we nurture positive emotions, to measure that is to be developed, they will grow to strengthen and ceasing to be prone to experience negative emotions and will they be generators of positive and optimistic emotional climates. Do can teach you a child to be happy? We can teach how you to be happy if we recognize that we are the mirror where look at y: generate within the family a favorable emotional climate we recognize and adequately express our emotional States find opportunities amid the difficulty left strengthened in adverse circumstances we practice the expansive smile and good mood we can see that the negative is nothing more than a part of existence we implement strategies to enhance family welfare We look with optimism that exists in our around put in words the feelings we maintain hope even in difficult situations we cultivate the values and virtues we promote positive emotions such as joy, love, humor, hope, among others favour a climate of containment stimulated the capacity to be happy Express with clear messages our love towards him respect emotions walk it through affection not humillamos love him just for being our son We set No limits what we sobreprotegemos appreciate their strengths show you that mistakes are a learning opportunity are confident in their ability to resolve difficulties put the accent on their capabilities, not on the shortcomings we show them that adversities are temporary before dismissing me I leave you a question: isn’t this more time to learn and teach your child to be happy? Original author and source of the article..

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