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Saxo Bank Turns

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Robert Spliid, Germany Chief of the Danish Saxo Bank, forecasts, problems and opportunities the global economic crisis, Saxo Bank, the specialist in online trading and stock trading in December 2007 said the analysts at the Saxo Bank ahead of a drastic reversal of the trend on the financial markets of the world. Now this gloomy prophecies have come true, and how many other companies gearing up the Danish Investment Bank for a difficult 2009. Robert Spliid, Saxo Bank responsible for the Germany business, sees not only the financial system at risk, but the entire global economy. To cope with the crisis, should be defined new standards and develop sustainable models. For the German Saxo Bank Chief Robert Spliid the big breaks is the year 2009. Above all financial services should be the challenges of the crisis to assert itself in the long term on the market. The current uncertainty on the international financial markets will according to Spliid inevitably cause that certain investment strategies with which you achieved so far good profits, will disappear from the market.

“Classic investment strategies such as buy and hold” because of the volatility of the markets become obsolete, the future is, however, rather in the short term. The paradigms are changing. Take DaimlerChrysler and the image of the world AG, which was at the time modern and reasonable. Today we know that this was a mistake. As also investment styles must be questioned”, so Spliid in an interview with the manager magazine. Many bankers are currently paralyzed.

Saxo Bank is the situation less dramatically, since the financial institution in contrast to other banks not in the Advisory business is and was. On the other hand, expected inflation is dramatic. So Saxo’s experts consider an inflation rate between 6 and 8 percent Bank possible. One antidote to inflation is to stop, a comprehensive debt reduction. Because the savings rate in Germany comparably high and the debt-equity ratio low, Spliid stimulus programs, as is common in the United States, more skeptical. The danger that this is not working and continue to fuel inflation, was too great. Instead should fundamental behavioural changes”are established, especially in the area of lending. Most economies facing recession, especially those with large deficits and low raw material reserves. Especially for countries such as Russia, Iran and China, a further decline of in commodity prices would have far-reaching consequences, uttered one of the 10 theses, Spliid in various interviews. The global slowdown will amplified by currency fluctuations and the economic crash in the United States. The EU, especially the Eastern European EU candidate, will have great difficulty according to the Spliids. Of course not all theses be fulfilled completely, but also applying to some of our predictions mean far-reaching changes in the world markets with security”, its castle Spliid Forecasts for the next time. See for more information on the topics of share trading, trading and online tradable funds. Corporate profile the Saxo Bank is a global investment bank, which specializes in online trading and equipment on the international capital markets.

Change Reason

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Current results of the M + M of insurance barometer reports 2013 virginity on the record-breaking billion surplus in the Fund. Was at the beginning of the year by the Government coalition already the final abolition of the practice fee for statutory health insurance insured decided been is loud about the possible further use / misuse of the surplus now thinking. So writes Rolf Stuppardt, editor of the magazine world of health insurance, that from the side of politics the question is discussed what we have because at the moment so well-stocked welfare funds especially in the statutory health insurance? “.” Some here see the opportunity to balance the federal budget and to stabilize, allowing unusually well placed just before the election. The pharmaceutical industry also sees the chance to adjust prices in their favor billion surpluses. But what favor insurance, which paid contributions have contributed to the surplus? We are insured barometer in the M + M 2013 this question investigated. The vast majority of respondents is for the retention of surpluses in the health insurance system. 37.8% would invest the surpluses in the improvement of health care (E.g. pension offers, fitness courses, alternative medicine) and 25.2% find it useful to improve the medical care in rural areas.

Only 16.0% prefer a withdrawal in the form of premiums to the members. Also a BKK comes to similar results survey from the June / July 2012. Here too, the majority (74%) for the surplus remaining expressed in the statutory health insurance system. Only 20% were for cash. But premium payments could be used for the production of new insured? The effect of such premium payments would be very limited, because it would be only for every 10 respondents a possible reason of change of, when his fund would pay off in general no such reward him. However, the policy vehemently urged the statutory health insurance for some time, Premiums to pay.

Pilates Method

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The Pilates method was born in the 1920s in New York City. Joseph Pilates was then developing an exercise program slowly and controlled where worked the body as a whole and where also involved the mind. In the past 10 years, we have assisted to a recognition of the Pilates method as a way of getting a muscle balance, strengthen weak muscles and lengthening shortened muscles.It is a method for everyone, whether advanced or beginners, athletes even is integrated into rehabilitation programmes.Do Pilates this particularly suitable for pregnant women and seniors in order to maintain a good muscle tone and prevent skeletal muscle problems. The bases of the method Pilates CONCENTRAT TRACION: necessary for the coordination of breathing and exercises. CONTROL: the art of knowing how to control our body. FLUENCY: grace and rhythm of movements.

PRECISION: the method of perfection. RESPIRATION: all controls it. Breathing is a vital parameter in the pilates method. Some advantages the Pilates method are: improves posture. Relieves lumbar pains. It increases the development of abdominal muscles. It favors agility. Promotes coordination enhances dexterity helps the body balance favors flexibility.

Promotes blood circulation promotes the toning of the large muscle groups without forgetting the small and deep muscles. It strengthens the muscles without increasing muscle mass (hypertrophy), this is optimal for those people who want to stylize the body without increasing the muscles. It promotes the improvement of the physical and mental condition of the practitioner. Develops concentration and attention favors treatment of osteoporosis, stimulating the formation of bone mass, reduces the risk of fractures. Reduces anxiety and stress, given that this discipline requires a good concentration for the exercises since it clears the mind of personal problems. The Pilates system increases the repetitions of the exercises and the amount thereof in the form gradual, by which produces almost no stiffness or muscle aches. Original author and source of the article