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Miami Childrens Hospital

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Avoid Anxiety

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Many of the breathing exercises that there is by Internet can even INCREASE the anxiety. That is because are not exercises thought for people who undergo panic attacks. We must have well-taken care of with the deep breathings because they can cause that you hyperventilate and you have a panic attack. For that reason we are going to concentrate in making short and slow breathings. Instead of deep and slow. If you use the strategy that I am on the verge of ensearte, you will stop feeding the anxiety and you would not hyperventilate yourself. That will cause that it is very difficult to have a panic attack. When you use this technique you are able to alleviate to the anxiety because active the parasimptico nervous system.

This system is the one that is in charge to regulate the anxiety levels. When you know to activate the parasimptico nervous system you can produce an equilibrium state and relaxation. At the time of alleviating the anxiety, we can speak of two nervous systems. The likeable nervous system and the parasimptico nervous system. When we have anxiety, the likeable nervous system activates it puts and us in a state of ” it fights-huida”. This state can be very useful for dangerous moments or situations limit. There it allows us to run more express, to have more reflections etc. Until well But when the likeable nervous system REMAINS activated more time of the normal thing it begins the problem.

The anxiety is accumulated and produced a panic attack. This happens because the likeable nervous system causes that our breathing increases. If our breathing increases, the heart barks with more force. Then, if we are in this state during more time of the normal thing, we risked more to undergo an anxiety crisis.