Human Happiness

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The true happiness is to make the good. Aristotle Philippians 2 1If You Have Any encouragement “from Being united with Christ, if Any comfort from His love, if Any fellowship with the Spirit, if Any tenderness and compassion, make my joy complete 2then by Being like-minded, HAVING the same love, Being one in spirit and purpose. 3do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, But in humility Consider yourselves Better Than Others. 4Each of you should look Not only to your own Interests, But Also to the Interests of Others. 5Your attitude should be the same as That of Christ Jesus: It Happened to You’ve Not That Sometimes you ask yourself in life if it is possible to Have peace and be happy? The Human Being looks for it, and yearns for His Existence to Have peace, happiness and joy. They are so many and so many the Theories and opinions on the subject That would Not Give FEW pages to meditate on the subject. It is why I chose a Thought of Aristotle like departure point in contrast to the passage of Phil 2 Indicated above.

The service, the brotherly Affection Which shows the character of it has managed to Reach the Highest gift or the best of all the Virtues, Love. If, in the Exercise of discipline we are so great Approaching Developer and more the supremacy of the spirit upon the flesh, the egoism and the triviality. I ask my self, Who can be happy if it has yet Not Had An encounter, But It Felt you loved by God and Its fellow? All the creation speaks to a single voice: Love and like Knowing how to Give it. Some look for happiness in Some Substance, Others in a game, in sex, money, power and nevertheless at the end of the day They finish Insatiable That But When They Began searching for joy Jesus spoke of a water source That if one drink of it you will never be thirsty, by all means, spiritual. That water, His love is the source is Christ and manifesting His power and grace in Our Hearts. Loved, we are united by the bond I am perfect certain the true love will bring happiness to Our Lives compulsorily if we today it Began to Exercise of the hands of the Creator. Tablitas of the Lord 9f. com youtube.

Forty times I say and shout to the world that I love you. I love because you love me, I sing because you sing and do it because you send If I want to tell the sower of peace and joy that dwells in my heart. I tell you I love you;! I love you! Director of the Lord evangelical ministry

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