Imprisoned Intelligence

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this knowledge if of the one for them you live deeply professionals and staffs who permeiam learning and apprehending, this interaction body/mind is combined with the personality of each one. Such therapeutical procedure has great relevance in the corporeidade works, in hospital clinical Psicopedagogia/, where if aprendente works the citizen that it is distanciado of the conviviality with excessively aprendente in the scope of the school. Called from Somato-psicopedagogia, (that today the sensorial gymnastics is understood also), created for the osteopata Danis Oxen, in the decade of 80, Sculoxx, one originates from the Fasciaterapia, manual therapy of the same author above cited. It is observed that its purpose is to claim the integrity of the body, what we nominate of health, when losing itself this integrity and the distanciamento of itself exactly. Fernandez, psicopedagoga Argentine brides, in says in its book Imprisoned Intelligence to them, to the speech of the learning, tells that: ' ' The learning modality it is as it is as a matrix, a mold and a project to operate that we go using in the different situations of aprendizagem' ' (It brides Fernandez, p.19, 1999). To work the modalities of learning in symbiosis with the corporeidade agreement, are primordial to the work of the educator, to give aprendente a bigger focus of the knowledge of its body, not only in the aesthetic direction, but in a socializadora corporeidade that acquires knowledge the care with foods and one better quality of life, parallel to this educative action, the respect to the other, its space, and the individualities. Objectifying itself to restore the importance of the domain of the body and the mind in a therapeutical process. It is verified to be of utmost importance the internalization that the citizen aprendente has in a subjective contact with its proper body, meeting a corresponding direction, becomes to reflect that the body will be then flowing of knowledge? A relation with the body is established that if allows a learning through it and this action is linked cognitiva sphere, giving a perception of the understanding of the experienciadas subjetividades, the Somato-psicopedagogia, makes aprendente to have will to make to coexist the body and the mind, breaking itself of a new experiencial event and is learned with much intensity with the external stimulatons, enriches the comments, generates new incentivadoras of reflections and enables a bigger learning, in an interior boarding initially, never dantes perceived and that of the direction what it is gone to learn.

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