Meat and Diet

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In our everyday diets have to be present meat. All have long been aware of its usefulness, but also about the dangers. But how to choose good meat, like to keep it fresh longer, or as a delicious cook out it serves, not all i know. Therefore, in his article that I want to introduce all, or just to remind long-forgotten secrets of the meat. – When choosing meat to check its color and elasticity. Fresh meat is red or pink color.

Lamb – with a touch of raspberry, with his fat hands on does not stick. If the meat will be old, then it will be a yellowish oil in the moment as a young fat – white, sometimes with a pinkish tinge. Fresh meat is a little springs, that is, if his finger to press down, it stuns in its place. – The meat should cook immediately before going to serve lunch or dinner. Even a small amount of fried meat during storage affects its taste quality.

– To maintain juiciness, salt meat before you start frying. -Try to wrap meat dipped in vinegar with a towel. This will give him fresh for another day. -If pre-soak for a couple of roasts, it will be even tastier. – Frying hamburgers or meat pieces, you need to pre-heat the skillet. And only then, when it will absorbfat, put the meat. In this case, the fat will not flow out and get the meat juicier. Also necessary to make sure that the pieces of meat would have stayed close to one to one. – Preparing a barbecue, instead of vinegar, you can take wine. – The protein from the eggs should not be put burgers, chops otherwise lose their juiciness. – If you put onions in beef and garlic, it should be used immediately. Since then it will be unpleasant smell and a dark color. – Chops or steaks, you must first run in the flour, then in whipped eggs, and sprinkle with grated at the end breadcrumbs. – For cooking broth is better to take the blade or the sternum. – To make better use of clear broths game, the trigger or pork. – The meat for steaks, beat out on a board, moistened with water. Thus, the meat will be more juicy. – Before you put the meat in the pan, it should be moistened with water. It also adds richness. – The meat retains more of its beneficial vitamins, when steamed. This often use grid that is placed on bottom of the pan, then put the meat. -Soup, cooked with noodles, cook better from a goose or pitching. -Meat broth is better to cook with onions, carrots rhizomes, parsley and celery. Salt they should be 30 minutes before the end of preparation. – The bones of mutton cooked for 4-5 hours, beef or pork -2-3 hours. – If you cook poultry or fowl in the oven, we recommend putting it on a baking sheet or pan back to the bottom. Fat bird watering small of boiled water, not fat – melted pork fat. I hope my tips are helpful to many. Successful preparations you!

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