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As the acute sinusite results in general of an infection, as the amigdalite, a rich diet in vitamins and minerals that strengthen the defenses of the organism help the recovery and prevent future crises. Thus being, vitamin C helps the respiratory recovery of the sinusite, rinite, allergies and amigdalite. A sick person with tuberculosis can lose the appetite, what she does not hinder that if can feed adequately. The foods that fortify the imunolgico system are normally rich in vitamin C and are good allies in the treatment of this illness. The vitamin lapsing C for the combat to the pulmonary tuberculosis is adjusted, the same is applied in the treatment of the pneumonia.

The perception of respiratory problems for the individuals inquired in this work, is consentnea with the treatment that these affirm to make, what it makes to increase the reliable degree in the answers gotten in this inquiry. Relatively to the noise produced for the generators and to the possible impacts in the health of its proprietors, 9% of the inquired ones without generators in its residences affirm to have problems of hearing against 12,5% of the inquired ones that they affirm to possess generators. One more time the joined differences are not statistical significant, but they accuse the existence of a possible impact of public health. The symptoms related for the inquired ones are divided in ' ' pains in ouvido' ' ' ' difficulties of ouvir' '. Of that they relate to have hearing problems, 78% say to have ' ' pains in ouvido' ' 22% ' ' difficulties of ouvir' '. The problem of the deafness in the society contemporary reaches all the etrias bands. In the adults, the noise in the workstation, for example, is a determinative factor for the appearance of the serious in the auditory device, as in workers of the civil construction, metallurgic injuries, sector of the public works, airports and other places of strong incidence of noises much high next to one or to both the ears.

Rio De Janeiro

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Practical of arborization in the streets and the avenues of Brazil it little has more than 120 years, being this a recent activity, compared with the practical one in the European countries. The first attempt happened in the streets of Rio De Janeiro, with the preparativeses of the marriage of D. Peter I. At the time, the people in charge had had great difficulties in arborizar the streets. It believed the people who the shade formed for the trees was responsible for the maleita, yellow fever and measles. It started the use of sibipirunas, wood-iron, cssias, paineiras, flamboyants, jacarands among others (ELETROPAULO, 1995). Well woody urban environments stimulate and promote the cure and the abrandamento estresse of it psychological (ULRICH, 1984). According to dictionary Silveira Bueno, arborization means plantation of trees.

Already GREY & DENEKE (1978) defines as arbrea covering, that a city presents. However, MILANO (1990) considering this restricted concept, for mentioning itself only to the arbreas species, admits as urban arborization, other areas that, independent of the transport of the urban vegetation, are presented predominantly, natural and not busy. Already RASP ET AL (1994), quotation that urban arborization says respect to the vegetal elements of arbreo transport, inside of urbe, such as trees and others. In this approach, the trees planted in sidewalk, are part of the urban arborization, however, they do not integrate the system of green areas. The urban arborization is a question important to provide a healthful physical environment and is related with the presence of vegetal species in public spaces as parks, streets, avenues, gardens and squares.

Beautiful Aboriginal Mount Revolt

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the CAP is today the biggest workmanship of the Program of Acceleration of the Growth, and is a workmanship that the government wants to make at any cost, and is running over the process, saying that already this is arguing has much time and the project suffered to a revision for Studies from Ambient Impacts that they had been presented recently, however the society not yet had time to analyze, much less the aboriginal peoples. Beautiful Mount will go to deviate 80% of the volume of water of the River Xingu. If constructed, this will be the third bigger hydroelectric plant of the Planet. Twenty a thousand people will be dislodged, while others one hundred a thousand will be attracted for> the FUNAI and the Minister Edison Lobo did not consult in to construct them to the barrage . Then, therefore, we are making this manifestation against the construction of the barrage . What we want? That the bush, the forests, the land, the animals continue livings creature to serve our feeding .

We have children, grandsons, children and adults and live in the forest, our land, we say Iredjo Kayap, we need the forest we stop feeding in them. Therefore, I, eat woman, am fighting together with the men to hinder the construction of the barrage of Beautiful Mount Here in the Aboriginal Park of the Xingu they have fifteen Peoples, all here are represented to make this manifestation . A sufficiently curious thing of this meeting is that it was convoked and organized for the proper aboriginals and who centered this organization was the Raoni Chieftain, historical figure in the fight of Beautiful Mount that, in 1989, together with Sting, twirled the world after a great meeting that had in Altamira and that it was the landmark of the Brazilian ambientalismo daily pay-Echo 92.