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It was a very insecure person and did not trust him for anything in my skills. I felt inferior to others; I felt fear for everything. My self-esteem was very low, feared any activity where the primary purpose outside interacting and presenting groups. My personal growth and productivity by insecurity was paralyzed. In those moments of my life me He was wondering how to overcome the fear, I thought it was something impossible to achieve. (But I learned that this was not true) After finding that insecurity was my biggest problem, I began to treat it professionally with self-help including several techniques to conquer fear aimed at increasing self-esteem, created confidence in me, security and could free me from the fears that I caused so much damage. Now if I show you 3 techniques to overcome the fear that I tried, use and understand that they are the basis to begin the process of Liberation: first of all accept your fear. Convince you and declares to viva voice that you are determined to lose the fear.

When do your mind will go front and willing to do everything to achieve it. Remember the mind is who dominates your feelings. This first technique to overcome fear is very simple, but at the same time very powerful. To overcome insecurity: stop and think if you’re really living your own life. Devotes at least half an hour a week to reflect on your life, ask yourself that you’re doing with it, in which you use your free time and everything about your life.

You’ll find everything you must change to enjoy more of the same. When you change even a little, you will feel happier and should see how security will be accompanying you simultaneously. It is very likely that you suffering from low self-esteem. To increase you can get exercise, walk, run bicycle, choose the more that you like (I neither liked me, but I had to do it for fear of) doesn’t have to be of great intensity, only to make you feel good when you do. This will create confidence in you and you will feel more secure when performing any activity such as public speaking, go out and look for work or socialize with new people. If you have any problems emotionally, through the days pass and you do exercise also will erase. You have 3 techniques to overcome the fear that they are key to achieve dominating it, with them you will be able to create self-confidence, are going to overcome insecurity and finally will be able to face your fear with success. We are waiting, take action and starts from today to overcome the fear. If I did it, you can also achieve it! Has this article been helpful to you? Do you need more information to overcome fear? Leave me your opinion on this in the comments.