Allergen Immunotherapy Or Avoid Diseases ?

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In principle, any substance, any chemical compound, every plant, animal and food cause an allergy. Allergenic substances and materials are called allergens. These allergens can cause different types of allergies. It is however for allergy sufferers to avoid any possible allergens to 100 percent. Even after as "successful" rehabilitation carried out house-dust mites, the number of relevant antigens is not zero, but only much smaller. Also, there is no guessing to bring dogs, cats, birds and other animals in the house if they have allergies or asthma have already shown with relatives.

It speaks, however, some evidence is slowly becoming part of a decades-old dogma after allergy risk children are best protected if possible triggers are banished from their environment as much as possible. But the diagnosis of allergy is not as easy as most patients mean. It shows, now that the human immune system towards those substances "tolerant" is with which it comes in frequent contact. Certain substances with which people have to do less to stimulate our immune system often violently. This relationship has been occupied by some studies: in particular children who had many contacts with cat allergens were sensitized to this allergen in view at least. Through repeated contact with the allergen, the allergen to the immune system to "be more resistant. This "therapy is called" desensitization is – but its effect is still not fully understood. Alternatively, physicians and health practitioners unken already "this is the homeopathic principle", but with the "sledgehammer approach".

So far we understand only that share certain specialized immune cells in the body's immune system comes into contact with many allergens one and the same type do not misguided "alarm chain with inflammatory reactions in the body in motion, but the antigens recognized as" safe. " If a Patient is aware, however, has the body in the event of the antigen, "declared a state of alert" and it torments him then of course, particularly when it is exposed to a high concentration of allergens. A Norwegian study showed that since the nineties typical and already known results, are that in sensitized patients, the concentration of allergens with inflammation of the lower respiratory tract in context. The investigation also showed that the keeping of cats was not fit to an increased risk of developing an awareness as possible. Currently, scientists are still arguing whether someone who has hitherto shown no allergic symptoms, may better protect by avoiding allergy triggers or deliberately exposing himself to them in high concentrations. Agree, the scientists are only so that patients have the symptoms should avoid allergy triggers consistently. This means in consequence that pets should be abolished. Detailed information on allergies and an allergy treatment, see:

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