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The Children

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In another one she speaks, we find the abandonment of the children as cause of the solitude: ' ' she is to be alone and to my thus to abandon me children of not almost, do not visit me ' ' S. 11 the lack of the children makes with that the aged ones if feel alone, this can lead to the solitude for feeling the abandonment. The solitude and the abandonment constitute heavy packs for the aged ones, therefore the families tend, not rare, to exclude those had excessively as bothering. Also she has people that, for its experiences and experiences, they possess the feeling of abandonment throughout the life, not only in oldness (HREDIA; CORTELLETTI; 2005 MARRY). FINANCIAL DIFFICULTY That is proven from reply given for the interviewed ones: ' ' I pay rent, surplus almost I do not swim.

&#039 is a bit difficult; ' S. 10 Most of the income of the aged ones, in Brazil is deriving of the resources of the providence, that answers for the incomes of 60,3% for men and 79.3% for urban women. (FREITAS, 2006,). Although the values of pensions and retirements are, in general, reduced, these benefits have if showing important in the income of the aged one, to the universalizao of the Social security, it results in improvement of the life conditions (CAMARANO, 2003). NO DIFFICULTY In general, the aged ones evaluated positively its condition for liveing alone. We got the following affirmations: ' ' I do not have difficulty none. S.1 ' ' I do not have nenhuma' ' S. 4 ' ' I for the time being I do not find ' ' S. 5 ' ' I find pra me I am easy, thus to live alone I I do not find no.&#039 difficult; ' S. 6 Acreditamos that the health of the interviewed ones that they tell not to have difficulties, has narrow relation with the autonomy for the accomplishment of the main activities of the daily life, is these of physical, mental, social or economic domain.


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With respect to the medicine propaganda, if it observes a permissividade. Although the legislation forbids the propaganda of ethical products, for ways of spreading that not directed them to the medical category (reviewed specialized, direct mail for doctors, separatas, etc.), in what respect says to remedies of line popular (those whose promotion of sales and commercialization is not submitted to no prohibition), the propaganda is carried through intensely by the medias of bigger penetration. The promotion of medicine sales of ethical line never is carried through directly the consumer. In this in case that, the privileged agents of commercialization are you would drug them (or ' ' farmcias' ') the doctors; that in fact they are considered, always, ' ' targets lgicos' ' of the medicine promotion, according to proper language of the pharmaceutical industry. Second To sound (1992, page 15), data and opinions of specialists ' ' (…) they prove the systematic use in Brazil of papal briefs with excess of therapeutical indications for each product and minimizao, at the same time if not complete omission, of the collateral references and effect or against-indicaes' '. Its study he also concludes that ' ' Of thirty vendidos medicines more of a group of ten companies he verified himself that only two presented papal briefs fidiciary offices those demanded in its native countries. Of these two, one mentions the product of exclusive sales in hospitais.' ' In relation to the importance of the propaganda in the act of if automedicar, To sound has opinion that it is resembled of Santi, alleging that currently the pharmaceutical advertising obtained to also distort the medical vision and of the public that discovered a more easy way, fast and cheap of if treating. ' ' Today nobody can escape of it (the propaganda), through posters, radio, television, periodicals and magazines, this everything with the objective to assure that all are informed on the greater number of different products, that if define to the mass consumption, being that these medicines can easily be bought in pharmacies without prescription mdica' '.

Healthful Development

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When the child tries to contribute for the necessities of the family, being arranged the bed, making candies (clearly in accordance with its age and capacity) and is recognized for the mother, praised, feels-and composing ' ' quadro' ' familiar, necessary as person and member of this home. If this does not find ' ' espao' ' for ' ' ser' ' , it can grow needing to destroy what one became, meaningless, what not it of ' ' frutos' '. At the beginning, when baby, the simple smile of the mother makes with that if he feels accepted, existing, therefore still the symbiosis is present mother-baby. With elapsing of the time, she is necessary to be taken the serious one for somebody. If its ' ' produes' ' they are ignored, jede, makes with that it occurs a sensation of impotence and uselessness, what will be able to unchain with the time, an explosion of aggression and destruction. This phase is long, and important for the construction of a fortified identity. We can find signals of concern and guilt in very small children, but of one it forms consistent and openly observvel for the adults, Around more or less five years of age. When the child already if v' ' separada' ' of the mother, the father enters in scene, not as one clone of the figure materna, but as somebody that can be um' ' libertador' ' , in the measure where it is a strong figure; he will protect that it, hindering that any badly happens.

If the familiar environment cannot offer to this support due the absence of the father, Depression of the mother, for example, this will have that to adopt an auto precocious control of the impulses, before being in conditions to make it. In these cases the inhibition of the impulse is a permanent fear of that some destructive aspect runs away its control. The constant fight enters the good and the evil, stopped for the human being if it aggravates in these situations, therefore the individual with passing of the time, moves away itself exactly from itself. They are long years of therapy for ' ' to make the way in return ' ' , therefore until then, it served only of sustentation for a problematic familiar dynamics. When the environment is adjusted, propitiating sustentation to the infantile development, the construction of the identity becomes natural, ' ' normal' '. During all our life, we will be in fight with internal conflicts, in more or less overwhelming way, depending on our familiar origins. Therefore when deciding to be parents, we must be well conscientious of ' ' espao' ' affective to be opened for the inclusion of a new member in the family!

Brazil: Public Health Evaluation

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Despite its brief form, if it looks for to demonstrate in the distance that if it created in Brazil between the legal determination that conduct the Only System of Sade (SUS) and the reality lived deeply for the population, over all in regards to the quality of the disponibilizado service, that contrasts with the effective legal normatizao. Beyond analyzing the positive and negative points of the same. To approach this subject, a comparative methodology of the Brazilian reality with the one of other countries was used, considering the peculiarity of each nation, and with that it was considered in the law that firms the SUS. The results of this analysis are me the financial administration of the health system, the privilege of the private nets in detriment to the public interest, the inadequate lack of consolidation of the career of the professional of the health and environments to the exercise of its activities, the monopoly of the market of work carried through for some doctors and the bureaucracy for the promotion and the recovery of the health. As solutions for these problems are the vote, more good to choose the representatives of the society, the stoppage of the courses that transfer public resources to the particular nets that are not in accordance with the SUS, the auditorship most efficient, with characteristics of a investigativo journalism, that it investigates, discover and denounce the imperfections, the increase of the vacant and of facultieses for the medicine course, getting more doctors and diminishing the monopoly of the same ones in the process of offers and looks for, and it improves of the education, which more takes social awareness for the citizen.

Word-key: Health. Only system of Sade (SUS). State of Social welfare. Determination Constitutional. Education. The 1 SYSTEM OF HEALTH OF BRAZIL, U.S.A., FRANCE, CANADA, CUBA AND ENGLAND to evaluate the positive and negative points of the system of health of Brazil we must know and compare the Brazilian reality with the one of other countries.