Being Happy

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Do you know the situation when the good man, you keep back something, or even lying to him? This is particularly true close to you people, is not it? I want to tell you what a hoax and that your loved one at the actually happening at this moment. So if you want to find and keep happiness and love, read it. To begin with I want to say that writing this article inspired me the book "Happier God" (author: Neal Donald Walsh). Accidents is not you believe in coincidence? I – no. "Accidents are not accidental," – said the Master Ugvey in the cartoon "Kung Fu Panda." Everyone, come our way, is the greatest gift of our experience in this life. It does not appear accident. I repeat – he brings us the greatest gift of his appearance. This is especially true of people close to us.

After all, that's why they close, that have influenced our lives the best way. Think of all your favorite … What feelings? Heat, right? The greatest happiness – be yourself Only you know what you REALLY feel in any given situation. But while you're hiding from others their true feelings and emotions. You're putting on a mask. Why? Well, that be nice to be liked, not to offend the other, to pretend that everything is in order to not laugh at you, etc.

Reason may be weight. But it all comes down to fear because .. (not to offend, not to lose, to be meaningful, etc.). Is this true? But if you're free, free in his feelings, emotions, feelings – you are happy. Happiness – it's free. – Freedom is to be yourself in any situation. Hence, the greatest happiness – be yourself. Life is half guarantees misery. Oh, and? I would like to finish an excerpt from the book "Happier God." 'It is curious that of loved ones, we often hide most of all … And we try to keep these people, keeping their concerns, leaving them in darkness, hiding from them what is true for us. For us the most useful would behave in exactly the opposite way – but we continue to live as hermits, cut off from the manifestation of their cherished feelings, hopes, fears and desires. But that is not life: it is – dying. Such a death rises slowly but surely. And he woke up one morning, we just do not feel alive. Therefore, expressing their own truth, as soon as you realize it. Not think that by keeping it in yourself, you schadish feelings of another person. One great master once said to me, "stated his truth, but softened his words with tranquility. You can express the most bitter truth gently. So do it. Do not think that hiding your truth, you protect the person from pain. It is not. You're just slowly killing him with their sweet song. It's hypocritical and dishonest. " *** What do you think, why it's called murder? And how long more do you want continue to engage in murder and suicide? I wish you to be yourself! Source: Notes on Efficiency

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