Chinese Ceremonies

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Continuing the series of articles that began the story of a traditional Russian tea-drinking poisoned in the East – home of this wonderful drink. Over the long history of tea was invented many ways of brewing, for tea ceremony, invented hundreds of types of dishes, but judges have always recognized: Chinese – unsurpassed experts in the refined art of tea drinking. They have three exciting ways to brewing tea, and each of them – their original. We'll tell you about the most ancient method of making a hot drink of tea leaves – boil tea. In the VIII century BC in China lived a philosopher named Lu Yu.

He was the first systematized and recorded how tea. Yu Liu created a treatise entitled "Tea Canon" consisted of ten parts, one of which is entirely devoted to the art of brewing tea. This method of coffee making was used until the invention of brewed in a separate bowl. Secrets of proper preparation, with the usual Chinese poetry, described by the famous poet Su Tung-old on: "Crab eyes are the eyes proshliRybi rozhdeny.Vot about to raise the buzz Zashumit wind in the pines. "The modern reader is difficult to guess what is described in the quatrain boiling water. "Waiting for hot water" is the most important stage of cooking the tea. The Chinese believed it is important to get water.

First, only when the water begins to boil, it appears small bubbles. At this stage of capacity will draw the two parts of water. Then, when the water appear first large bubbles ("fish eyes"), and then the characteristic noise boiling, the water has had time to cool slightly, poured back into the container, preventing further boiling. Finally, the water poured tea leaves. At this stage, is also very important to follow the water: as soon as it starts to boil, tea should be shoot. Previously, it do not in any way be, or taste and odor will not engage fully. But later do not need: a drink will taste bitter, and the smell dissipated. Such a ritual of tea drinking needs tranquility, harmony and does not tolerate haste. The Chinese are strictly observed. After all, they know the state of mind affects the taste of the drink as well as the process of its preparation, reflected in the taste, color and aroma.

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