Danger for Babies and Toddlers

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Toddlers begin to learn an unfamiliar world for them by mouth. Small piece toys can enter the lungs or stomach baby. Unfortunately, sometimes it ends in tragedy. Stuffed animals, of which constantly climbing pile can also harm the crumbs. Worth can get not only the lungs but in the stomach, eyes, nose. This is not only unpleasant but also dangerous for the baby's health. But the most dangerous is food that gets into your lungs.

The danger is that it not illuminated by X-rays. The food remaining in the lungs, can block breathing or gradually degrade, and that's lead to a chronic state of inflammation of the lungs. What can I do to protect your baby? Before giving fruits, peel them from seed. If you give your child grapes – or leave your baby for a second. Do not give your baby up to three years to play with small toys.

On the other remove the small, easily removable parts (for typewriter – the wheels on the doll – earrings, etc.). Review your stuffed animals – not the quality is not the place to friends in the nursery. If a foreign object or piece of food fell into the throat – the child begins to choke and there is a constant cough. Gradually, the subject sinks into the lungs, breathing becomes easier to cough temporarily stopped. But over time, coughing begins again, the object moves towards the throat and can block breathing again. In this case, do not attempt to help the child. Pull out the foreign body still does not work, and time lost. Better just to urgently call for an ambulance. Take the child to the hospital alone is not safe. The physician is required help the child in a dangerous situation. Many interesting things about pregnancy, childbirth, parenting and child care can be found on the blog 'Children and Family'.

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