Dogs and Babies

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When dogs and babies have to live the subject of dogs and babies is one of the most stressful for all those dog owners who also are to become parents in the short term. In my life I had to go through this situcion when several years ago, was married and childless and still had a fine male specimen of the breed Doberman.Hasta that time I had never thought about the importance and sensitivity of the subject dogs and babies . When the time came the birth of my daughter I realized I had made several mistakes with my dog that brought me moments of anguish and stress, which led me to have to rethink my way to educate a dog and begin to study and put into practice some of the things I'm going to teach today. For having lived this experience first hand that I can well understand the anguish and concern of many people who have a dog and some years later they become parents and have to face the difficult situation of getting your beloved dog to accept and receive pleasure and tranquility to the new family member, also being the first generates a lot of expectations and excitement throughout the family, relegating to the background the relationship with the dog. Important things we must not forget that when we adopt or buy a dog we are inviting a "carnivorous predator" to our home. For more united than we feel our dog must know that we are two distinct species, and it is our responsibility as parents and dog owners to protect our children, and ensure that they and our dog dtanto can coexist harmoniously with safety and happiness.

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