Government Donor

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This is not mature, not hardened in the debate idea is the donor and reproduction of the population. It raises many questions when it comes to its mass application, not only in individual cases, for obvious, indisputable medical reasons (obvious genetic disorders, genetic disease parents). At the moment, nowhere appearing Knockers (most often from politicians) most emphasis on the incompatibility with human morality, and sometimes try to carry out certain historical parallels. But the need for action is obvious. The author of 'Shelter' offers an active part of the state in advertising, organization and financing of the universal donor reproduction of the population. While it is difficult to implement in practice, as it is, to date, expensive. In addition, it is necessary to take into account the fact that the population with wariness and distrust meets all of the initiatives of government agencies and the Government. The vast majority rightly perceives the current state not as a tool for coordination in the development of society and as a machine of repression and coercion of mass in the interest of the ruling financial and bureaucratic elites.

Therefore, with high probability it can be assumed that the implementation of donor Reproduction of the population under the auspices of the state can meet a massive rebuff and rejection. The effect can be reversed what had counted on an idealist, who wrote the 'Sarcophagus'. Maybe if the state would prohibit donor reproduction, then it will become fashionable and desirable, will receive a rapid development. .

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