Methodology Trainer

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The study provides analysis of the personal trainer is really doing executes you his profession and the pursuit of its development through specialization of the sessions with the price charged is equivalent. The rolls of personal to trainer is that customers really trust your body and who will learn the responsibility of caring will be himself. Being consultant, to leader, friend. Conclusion: We conclude that the search will be improvement specialist makes the personal to trainer can also enhance to their work by increasing to their remunerative value and increasing the quality of work. Throughout the years is verified that the gymnastics academies if have consolidated as local destined to the practical one of the physical exercise systemize and leisure taking care of to the different etrias bands, necessities situations special. (CIRILLO 2009). Each time more is offered modalities in the diverse categories of execution for the customers. The interest of the population in searching for these services in these establishments can be determined by the necessity to satisfy the corporal model praised by the media or the fact to improve the quality of life and, consequently, to get better levels of health.

The denominations most common for these establishments are: academy, studio, laboratory, center, among others. As Bertevello (1996), such establishments are understood as directed companies of sport to the physical conditioning, the esportiva initiation and the healthful development of its users, who include aged gestantes, babies, adolescents and with varied objectives that englobam since the physicist-morphologic ones – emagrecimento, enrijecimento, increase of muscular mass, postural correction, relaxation, allonge, medical lapsing – until the affective-social ones as: it estresse, social contact, modismo, to raise auto-esteem, among others. To search such objective the personal enters in this moment to trainer.

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