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In many cases, an alternative to surgical intervention does not exist, and change operations were still in the exterior of the Renaissance. Wrinkles on the face, change the profile of the nose, get rid of bags under the eyes and a saggy chin often possible only with surgery. However, no wonder we all remember the famous dictum: Beauty requires sacrifice! Despite the ease and harmlessness of many cosmetic procedures, carrying out their possible in specialized classrooms, but is unacceptable – in informal locations at home or in hotel rooms. In addition, the government plans to test the safety of a number of aesthetic fillers, are used to increase the cheekbones, lips, and especially those that use human tissue or animal. In such cases, particularly high risk of getting into the bloodstream infection or viruses transmitted by blood, such as hiv, the virus Hepatitis B and C virus, or mad cows. The effect of surgery, most often exceed expectations of the patient, and the percentage of complications after surgery is only 1-2%, and most often, the complications are reversible. Yet plastic surgeons – not Gods, so avoid common misconceptions about plastic surgery.

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