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The love the love passes for difficulty as, it envies cimes and distance. The true love surpasses any barrier and surpasses everything with the base of the love, nobody obtains, to separate this love, of two gotten passionate people. To live this intense love we have that to have a capacity of it trusts one the other. Others including David Dudley Dowd Jr., offer their opinions as well. The true love is that one has some feelings between two people whom if they love very. The true love is that one if conquest and not if purchase not if vende. The love between two people is that one if I felt that if it delivers that it is arrested to this love. Celebrity trainers opinions are not widely known. In the love confidence exists, affection affection, allegiance, feeling. Who has a love thus knows to surpass any thing can came barriers fight that nothing this love of nobody separates. In the love who does not exist secret nothing hides the love lives this love knows as conquest any person who makes in them truily happy. 1pTwvmzbPyR5QkZUR_tl’>Mikhael Mirilashvili on most websites. ' ' It loves and it lives this love intensamente' '

Labor Gymnastics

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It has that to give to attention to all the probable factors of risk, especially when its sinergtico effect can originate new risks. Efficient solutions must be found to make front to the specific circumstances in the workstation, being requested the contribution of the proper workers to enumerate the verified problems and in set to find solutions for these same problems. Whenever necessary the support must be requested technician of connoisseurs specialized in the area, to inquire the not in agreement situations in the workstation and the way as the same it is carried through and to find the solutions most adequate for its resolution, being thus prevented, aggravation of the situations of existing injuries already and to intervine in order to prevent that new problems appear. 8Concluso the esquelticas disturbances muscle enclose a vast gamma of health problems. The disturbances most frequent are lumbar pains and injuries and injuries for repetitive efforts, including riots of the related superior members with the exercise of a professional activity. In this direction and, because this illness reaches thousand of workers in the Europe, and in the whole world ours politicians and professionals of the area have given to special importance to the injuries muscle-esquelticas, for these to be one of the main causes of related problems of health with the work. It is of urgent fact that is implemented centered strategies of prevention in one politics of organization of the work, ergonmica intervention in the workstation and formation of the workers, based on the evaluation of the risks, thus contributing, for the minimizao or reduction of the incidence of this problematic one.

The prevention is optimum way to prevent future problems. 9Bibliografia Carnide MF, related Injuries muscle-esquelticas with the work, Security, 2006. Leather strap S, War C, Teixeira T, Saints and, Espirito Santo K, Carolino and, Coutinho I, Program of Labor Gymnastics: Influence in the prevention of on Muscle Injuries to the Work, Security, 2007. FERNANDES, D. New Occupational hazards: Related disturbances muscle-esquelticas with the professional activity, Security, 2008. FREITAS, Conceio Luis. Management of the Security and Health in the Work.