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Beach Holidays In Anapa

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Beach vacation at sea in Anapa today – a holiday for the whole family. It's unforgettable attractions for children, fireworks, entertainment for adults, mystery stories for inquisitive, extreme holidays for young people. Anapa now – it's swim, sunbathe, hike, skydive, tasty and healthy to eat, make a wish, to meet the sunsets and sunrises on the beach – in a word, relax – it is better and most pleasant in Anapa. Sunny Beach – a bay in the form of semi-circle open to the East, 8 km of sandy beaches, gentle dunes. For an excellent environment, beautiful parks and gardens the resort was awarded the blue flag – the prestigious international award (Classification of beaches in Europe not uniform. The most popular is the procedure for obtaining the international ekosertifikata 'Blue Flag'.

This character is established over 20 years ago and shows the purity of the resort, according to European beaches standards). The resort is ideal for families with children. Anapa is unique in all respects. Everyone who lives here, or resting, with these words related to something different. Someone sees the golden sands of the beaches Anapa, someone seem wondrous, circling his head Anapa wine and sunsets, and someone was here he met his happiness … everything you could need on the beach Lying To begin with the purchase of large and bright towels: one such towel simply sunbathing together. For this purpose, you can also buy a rug just for the beach, which is conveniently folds so that it can carry by the handles like a bag.

Then you go to get a beautiful and convenient slippers that will protect you from the hot pebbles and hot sand, and sea urchins. Wear Elegant and spacious beach bag – one of the most essential parts of your beach wardrobe. Great choice – the bag with bright colorful patterns with wooden handles, laced in polyethylene, as was fashionable in the 80s. You may also prefer a bag and simpler, one-color and not a non-binding. Men's swimming trunks to swim, you can choose any style – traditional open, tight-fitting shorts of varying length, loose shorts with lining and pockets. For the ladies buying a bathing suit – it is much more complicated. In order to freely roam the site and sit in the beach bars, in the tone of swimsuit necessarily need to buy a skirt or a pareo, a big, bright shawl made of natural fabrics. If you stay with a child who has grown out of nude children, it also needs to dress up. The boy bought a delightfully vibrant melting cartoon, but the girl – child separate swimsuit in bright colors. Protected, without broad-brimmed hat and sunscreen at the beach to be desired. Straw hat wide brim will protect not only the head but also the delicate skin of the face from unwanted sunlight. In no event do not forget that your children and husband, too, need protection from the bright sun in the form of caps or panamku. The eyes and the skin around the eyes should be protected by sunglasses with high quality glass. Fun accessories will not be redundant during your journey: books, magazines, board games, flippers, masks, circles and mattresses, colorful inflatable balls and other sports equipment will make your vacation even more diverse and interesting.