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The hunting demons in his fourth installment back with a new character but with the usual successful formula that characterizes the series of Capcom. The first thing that we introduced in the game is the work of refining the scenarios, which leaves us surprised, one can stop on the adventure and take time to see the details. The same happens with the characters, their faces, their clothes, all that up, it looks really splendid. The animations are very well achieved, are fluid and give the impression that all those flashy moves were simple to perform. The sound that accompanies the action is in accordance with what can be seen, swords, fire, explosion, impact, etc.. The battles are accompanied by an electro-rock that can be considered great or annoying, so if it is true that time is ignored. The voice acting is good and consistent with what one might expect for each character. From beginning to end the key element of the action title will be spectacular, you can observe fatal stunts practically unfeasible to let us fascinated and eager to see more.

To perform these stunts, which they use to defeat the demons submit to us, we must keep precise sequence of buttons and in some cases quite difficult but if we fail to learn well rewarded with splendid movements and obviously devastating. The protagonist in this title is not Dante as in the previous three, this time the events revolve around Nero, a young man as its main feature has a peculiar arm with strange powers. The fighting style used Nero sword blows to the vicinity of uploading the power of the gun at three different levels, which will be used for more powerful maneuvers, then uses a firearm when it is at distance but you can also load vary only in the impact damage. So far very similar to the style of Dante, but the novelty lies in the powers of his arm, which can take out enemies from short or medium distance and crash to the floor or wall, in case your opponent is larger clutch at getting them to jump to get behind or to access other parts of your body. ty in the matter. When it comes time to confront the bosses, they reach their highest level. The models are exquisite and like everything in this title features a stunning level of detail that will make us marvel at the sight. These demons are distinctive of struggle, becoming single battle. But is not the end all, Nero also has special moves unique to face that can be performed at certain times of the battle making this even more entertaining and unique. You could say that Devil May Cry 4 is an excellent game, with spectacular action, that will keep you entertained from beginning to end.